Looking back and looking forward

So, New Year’s has come and gone, and it has been a solid two months since I last posted anything on this blog. So maybe it’s about time that I fixed that!

Looking back

2016 has been a year which for me wasn’t a great reading year and an even worse blogging year. I’ve struggled and failed at my goodreads goal of reading 52 books. I only read 45 books in 2016 and I don’t even know how few of those I’ve reviewed (and I’m not inclined to check the stats on that one either!). It has been a year for me personally where I have also struggled to find what I want to blog about and how to go about that. But besides blogging I did do a lot of fun stuff this year. I went to Ireland and La Gomera, I ran a 10K, had a real good time with my friends, and turned 25 to boot.

Looking forward

Nobody can look into the future, but that won’t stop me from trying to set some sort of goals for 2017. Once again I set my reading goal for 52 books (and have yet to finish reading my first book of the year, so it’s looking good on that one already!). I also want to get back into running (because I haven’t run since that 10K and that’s just a shame!). I also hope to find my blogging mojo again as well as my love for reading.

The bigger picture

2016 has been a year in which a lot of things happened globally speaking, and from looking at the news most of if wasn’t all that good (or I can just go ahead and say that a lot of it was really bad actually). So I just wanted to say that I think 2017 should be a year where we try to look at the positive things in life, without ignoring the bad, and find a way of giving our life meaning in profoundly positive ways. Let’s not let hate become part of our life, but find love wherever we go.


Have you set any reading goals for 2017? What are your thoughts on 2016? Let me know in the comments below!



New on My Shelf #2

So this feature is where I tell you which books I have added to my ever-growing TBR-list on Goodreads and why I felt inclined to add it. Sometimes it may also include books that I bought and other times it might be about books I’m getting rid of (physical books or TBR-books). I will include a couple of keywords for every book(though as I’ve not read it yet I’m just pretty much guessing about all of this based on the synopsis) but will always link to the goodreads page as well. Let’s get this party started!

Added to my TBR:

Ico: Castle in the Mist

Ico: Castle in the Mist

Keywords: inspired by a video game, locked in castle

Okay, first-off I know those aren’t technically keywords (they are more of the key-phrase variety, but it’s my blog, so I do what I want). Secondly, this is just something that I had to add to my TBR, because I just really loved this game! I was really horrible at it, and it scared me sometimes, but I thought it was really intriguing and would love to find out more about the story behind this game, which is exactly what this book offers.

In Search of Lost Dragons

In Search of Lost Dragons

Keywords: Dragons!, journey, artwork

So dragons are epic, that much everyone should know. And here we have a book that gives us some beautiful dragon-centered artwork from the viewpoint of a reporter who is on a journey to find dragons. And I have seen some of the artwork (also, there are maps in this book!) so I’m sure this is gonna be a great book, if only for all the dragons alone!

City of Saints and Madmen (Ambergris, #1)

City of Saints and Madmen

Keywords: collection of stories, puzzling, hard to grasp

Once again not strictly keywords, but this book was so difficult to compress in just a couple of words. The synopsis on goodreads stays pretty vague but intrigues me so much. I have to admit that this book will probably be a hit or a miss for a lot of people because it seems like it could get quite weird. But I am really interested in this book and that’s why I added it to my TBR. Also, did you notice that gorgeous cover? I also really like the title. I might be a teensy bit shallow.

Forbidden (The Books of Mortals, #1)


Keywords: post-apocalyptic, zombie-esque, cure

It’s been quite some time since I have read a book about zombies, and though these aren’t “really” zombies, they pretty much qualify as such. The premise looked pretty interesting, tough decisions to be made (what with the cure and all). It seems like it will be part of a series, which can be awesome or really disappointing, depending on how this first book turns out. So here’s to hoping that this book is great and subsequently followed by some great other books!



Keywords: psychological warfare, grief-stricken sorcerer, 2 conquerors

So this is obviously a fantasy book, published in 1990 (this book is older than me?!), and it has a great rating on goodreads (4.1!). It’s also a stand alone book, which is not something you find all that regularly in fantasy, so that’s cool. It’s about two dueling armies, there’s magic involved, psychological warfare, etc. By putting this on my TBR I am hoping to find a fantasy book with a rich world, fleshed out characters, a moving plotline (or more!) and no silly in-between books you sometimes get in series.

Have you been adding books to your TBR recently? If so, which ones (maybe I should add them too?!)? Are any of the books I’ve added on your TBR as well?

Ramblings:The Creation of a New Shelf

So, I had a huge currently reading shelf on Goodreads, and my newly discover friend, Liam over at Hey Ashers! (he just finished an awesome read-along to Throne of Glass, even if you were a fan of this book, you should check it out, his snark is on point!), suggested that instead of just letting all these books clog up my currently reading shelf, I make a new shelf where I can put all these books that I am sort of reading but not really. Behold, the new shelf: “Book Limbo” (combined with to read, because you can’t remove it of the currently reading list unless it goes to either read or to read, so yeah, Goodsreads, FIX THIS!)

These are the books that I never actively decided to stop reading, it’s just something that happened over time. They weren’t what I was needing at that time, or maybe something more interesting came along. Maybe it was just me getting into a reading slump and picking something else up to get me back out. There’s a myriad of reasons why books end up in Book Limbo, and this way I am able to set them aside in a less permanent way then I would if I were to just take them of my currently reading pile in total. Because these are books that I really do want to get back into, it just hasn’t been the right moment for that certain book. So until then, these books are in limbo.


Thanks again for the great idea Liam (and for getting me to actually do something with these books!)

Rambling: an ever-growing “currently reading”-list

For those who haven’t been following me on this blog for long, or maybe for those who haven’t picked up this fact before: I read a lot of books at the same time. I never really used to do this while I was younger, but then somehow it picked up. I think it used to be pretty low-key where I was just reading a very outspoken genre and then one day I  wouldn’t be in the mood for that specific genre and I would pick up a second book that would be exactly what I wanted to read at that time.

But then it started getting more intense, because when I started spending prolonged times at my boyfriend’s place and I’d sometimes be stuck without a book. And I’d just pick up one of his and start reading it whenever I was there. It wasn’t a big deal. But then I also bought an e-reader which was a super easy device for me to take to school (it was about a half-hour train ride each way) and get some primo reading time in every day on the commute. I don’t know if many people actually do own the same copy in both physical form and digital form, but I’m generally not one of them (I have maybe two books that I bought in hardback after really loving the e-book SOOO much). So that would be the third book on the stack on most days (at home I still prefer to read regular books).

And while I don’t have a problem with keeping all the storylines separate, I think the whole situation is getting a bit out of control at the moment; And the major culprit is this: picking up a book with the best of intentions but then not soon after the start, slacking off. And starting to read a different book on top of the other one. Before I slack off on that one also, and pick up yet another book. At this very moment Goodreads is telling me that I am “currently reading” 20 books! Most of these books I am definitely not actively reading at this very moment, but I really do want to get around to reading them some day soon (that just never seems to feel like today?!) It has definitely come to the point that if I were to pick some of these books back up that I would have to start right from the beginning because it has been so long since I last read in that book. Yet somehow it wouldn’t feel right to take them of that currently reading list, especially since I’m not disliking these books (I blame various reading slumps that I fell into while I started these books). They are currently in Book Limbo, but I hope to get them out there soon!

Is this something any of you have ever experienced? Have you ever had a book wind up in Book Limbo before? Or are you someone who would rather just read one book after another?


Rambling: Reading Challenge 2015

So it’s another year and with that comes the decision of picking a new reading challenge on Goodreads, or even deciding against a reading challenge as a whole. Last year I had set my reading goals on 50 books in the course of the year. I only barely made it with 54 books in 2014. And I say barely made it, not because I think that 54 is not a lot. It’s just that in 2013 I read 112 books. So it’s pretty obvious that last year wasn’t the greatest reading year for me. And that’s where my doubts sprung into life.

Was 2015 going to be a better reading year for me? Was it going to get worse? If I was going to set myself a goal, was I going to choose a goal that would push myself to read more or was I going to take the easy way out and set the bar pretty low? Or would it be better for myself to not set a reading goal in 2015, because it might become an obstacle too big to cross? Or is 2015 perhaps the year that I venture onto a different reading challenge? Maybe something not quite focused on numbers but on the contents of what I’m reading?

In the end I decided on two different challenges for 2015.


 the Goodreads Challenge. In 2015 I hope to read 75 books. I opted to push myself back into reading a bit more. I really enjoy reading and I just didn’t get around to it as much in 2014. So by setting my goal on 75 I hope to make reading a bit more of a priority this year.

2015 Reading Challenge


The Popsugar Reading Challenge. This challenge will widen my horizon in reading while still allowing me the freedom that I crave as an emotional reader. I could never choose 50 books to read up front. But just having certain criteria to meet would definitely act more as a stimulus to broaden my reading comfort zone while not giving me the feeling of being trapped. I might do some updates during the year to keep everyone up to date as to which books I end up picking for the categories.