Ramblings:The Creation of a New Shelf

So, I had a huge currently reading shelf on Goodreads, and my newly discover friend, Liam over at Hey Ashers! (he just finished an awesome read-along to Throne of Glass, even if you were a fan of this book, you should check it out, his snark is on point!), suggested that instead of just letting all these books clog up my currently reading shelf, I make a new shelf where I can put all these books that I am sort of reading but not really. Behold, the new shelf: “Book Limbo” (combined with to read, because you can’t remove it of the currently reading list unless it goes to either read or to read, so yeah, Goodsreads, FIX THIS!)

These are the books that I never actively decided to stop reading, it’s just something that happened over time. They weren’t what I was needing at that time, or maybe something more interesting came along. Maybe it was just me getting into a reading slump and picking something else up to get me back out. There’s a myriad of reasons why books end up in Book Limbo, and this way I am able to set them aside in a less permanent way then I would if I were to just take them of my currently reading pile in total. Because these are books that I really do want to get back into, it just hasn’t been the right moment for that certain book. So until then, these books are in limbo.


Thanks again for the great idea Liam (and for getting me to actually do something with these books!)