Yay or Nay: Reading multiple books simultaneously

Some people seem to be reading all the books they own at once while others are far more conservative and stick to a single book at a time. I definitely fall into the camp of people who read multiple books simultaneously. But there are certain cons for this system as well.


Mood reading: This is definitely the top reason I don’t stick to just one book. Sometimes you’re in the middle of reading this very well written yet slower moving book and you’re in the mood for reading something fast paced and adventurous. That’s when I pick up a second book that suits my mood. This happens more often when I’m reading longer books, because who can predict how their mood will be for extended periods of time?

Different locations: Another reason to read different books at the same time is your location and the book’s location. Sometimes I forget to bring my book someplace and suddenly I find myself with two wonderful hours of leisure. I will find a book at this location and start reading that. This can also happen on purpose. With this I mean to say that I only take my Kindle with me when I go somewhere (out of fear of damaging my book and dragging a lot of weight with me) and if I’m currently reading a physical book I will start reading an additional book on my Kindle.


Confusion: While this is generally not a problem for me, I can see why this is a deterrent though. Especially when reading within certain genres it sometimes becomes difficult to keep storylines/worlds separated in your head if you read more than one book at a time. As I said this usually doesn’t happen to me, mostly because mood reading usually will make me vary in genre.

Finishing books takes forever: This is actually a problem I’m coping with as we speak. I don’t know why but I keep on picking up new books and I don’t get any finished. This is not only ludicrous, seeing as I’m now actively reading about 5 different books, but it’s also a hassle as someone who writes about books. Because I don’t finish any of these I can’t review any yet. So right now I’m currently out of books to review.

Are you someone who reads multiple books at the same time? Do you have different reasons for doing this/avoiding this?


Yay or Nay: series reviews

Reviewing every installment of the series separately or combine reviews of multiple books in one post?I’m starting this discussion because this is something that I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time now.So I bring the discussion to you and see how you feel about this topic.


EASIER: And i’m not just talking about the fact that you only have to write one review for a whole bunch of books. I’m talking more about the fact that sometimes when I read a series, and I tend to do this in a very short time span, the books will start to feel less like separate entities and more like one huge book. Of course I’ll remember certain events belonging to certain books, but sometimes that line becomes a bit blurry. When clumping all the reviews in one blog post (depending on how you choose to review the series, just in one go or still per book but just with less to say per book) you don’t need to address these things as specifically, therefore making reviewing the series a lot easier.

NO SPOILERS: When reviewing books separately it becomes progressively more difficult to steer clear of spoilers. Because all of a sudden you are having to tiptoe around so many points because they reference huge,epic, life changing events from the previous books. When doing a series review you can be less specific, therefore able to speak in such broad terms that it’s hardly spoilerish anymore.


GENERALIZED: When you’re talking about a series as a whole, the review will be less specific. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, some people might want more details (to them I would say: start a conversation in the comments?). But even if you don’t really mind, it’s still a fact that the whole review will be more of a collection of general thoughts instead of talking about super specific plot lines.

LESS CONTENT: You just spend a lot of your time reading this epic series, spanning multiple books and now you’re just writing one blogpost about the whole thing. The time spent reading this series far outweighs the time spent reviewing it. Especially if this is a larger series this becomes a really lopsided affair (and yes, I know that the time spent reading usually will outweigh the time spent reviewing. I’m saying that it will do so more than for a regular review, and that it will do so with a lot bigger margin too). You could elect to still write multiple reviews, just not one per book, and balance things out a little more like that.

So what is your stance in this Yay or Nay discussion? Are you ever tempted to review a series in one go or are you a firm believer in one review per book? Share your thoughts below!

Yay or Nay: Organizing bookshelves


Don’t you just love seeing all those beautiful pictures of the gorgeously arranged book collections people are putting online? I do in any case. There’s the color coded arrangement that’s definitely becoming a hugely popular way of organizing books, but obviously you can go for more conventional methods such as by author, genre, alphabetical etc. . But are you for or against very strict organization of your bookshelves?


Beautiful: Let’s stop denying the fact that organized bookshelves can be a beautiful thing. This doesn’t need more explanation than that.

Finding books: This is a pretty obvious one in my opinion, because the correct organization will help you find any book you want super quickly. You’ll know exactly where to look to show of your favorite books to your friends.

Knowledge: If you have a great organizational system to your bookshelves, you’ll probably know which books are on your shelf. Especially when you are getting quite the extensive collection this could really come in handy.


Choosing a system: I personally don’t have any kind of system to my bookshelves. I put the books where I can find the place, just in the cluster that I bought them in. How does one decide upon a kind of system to organize the shelves? And even if I could decide, how long would this decision stick?

New books: What do you do when you get new books? Do you leave gaps in your system to accommodate future books? Do you put the new books on a separate shelf until you have enough to warrant a new organizational system? Do you try to squeeze them in as they come? Do they end up dislodging your whole system?

So where do you stand in this discussion? Are you an avid fan of organized bookshelves or are you more haphazard in placing your books like me? Sharing of your bookshelves is allowed and even encouraged! I’ll add in a picture of my own bookshelves once I get home, so look out for that.


Yay or Nay: Re-reading books

Reading new books is always a gamble, will we like what we find within these pages? But re-reading an old favorite is usually a very rewarding experience seeing as you already know you’re going to like it. Or is it? Because some people don’t re-read books, ever. So let’s look at both sides of this coin and where we fall in this discussion.


Knowing you love it: This is an obvious pro in my opinion. I can especially need this kind of booster when I’ve just had a couple of not-so great books to read. Because it can be just so disheartening to read books you dislike or just don’t like as much as you wanted. Plus it can really suck the joy out of reading. Reading something you know you love can be a great pick-me-up in a situation like this.

Nostalgia: Some books you’ve read have been linked to a certain time of your life. Re-reading these books with ties can make you go back to that time in your life which can be a very nostalgic experience. But it can also just be that a book gave you certain feelings and by re-reading you might re-experience those again as well.

Mood-reading: I’m definitely someone who picks books based on how I feel. And picking up a book where you know the entire mood of the book can really play into this. For example, sometimes I just like having a good cry when reading (don’t judge me, I can enjoy having a good book induced cry) and I know exactly which book can make me cry.

Insight: Re-reading a book can give you more insight into the characters, the story, the situations, anything really. You can pick up on things you missed while reading it the first time. Those clues that were so well hidden that you missed them. Or perhaps you’re like me and read super fast when things are getting excited and when you re-read those scenes later you find out that you missed a good quarter of all the details.


Many other books to read: For me this is an obvious one, there are just too many books on my actual shelves that I haven’t read yet, and I won’t even get into my overflowing to-be-read shelf on goodreads. Re-reading books costs time, time that you could be spending reading new books.

Knowing what’s to come: For me personally this is not a problem at all, but I can imagine that some people really just don’t like reading a book again if they still remember things that happen. So that could be a real valid reason to not read a book again.

Disappointment the second time around: I admit that I’ve had books that I re-read and liked a lot less the second time. That was just a huge bummer. And if it had happened more often it might have dampened my joy for re-reading. But thankfully this hasn’t happened to me more than a couple of times, because that would really suck otherwise. You are just more prone to spot plotholes or weird character development the second time around because you’re just not wow-ed by the newness anymore.


Where do you stand on this? Do you love re-reading or is it something you never do? What are your reasons? Is there a book you could read every year without getting bored of it?

Yay or Nay: Audiobooks

Audiobooks are popping up all over the place. More people are “reading” audiobooks these days and more books are being recorded. Now it’s not only the special few that can be popped into the cd-player, more and more recent books are being released as an audiobook as well. There are platforms such as Audible to buy the digital audiobooks making the process a lot more easy. But how do we feel about them? Here’s what I think, and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments!


Multitasking: It’s great, you can read while doing other things now. Do you get carsick if you read while moving? It’s no longer a problem because you can just listen to your book. You are doing boring chores around the house? Don’t worry, brighten them up with that hobby you love so much. I really do think it’s a lovely way to combine reading with something else. Personally I use this a lot while quilting, I do it by hand so there’s no machine making a lot of noise (and therefore interfering with the audiobook) so it’s a match made in heaven.

Severe dyslexia is a problem of the past: I personally don’t suffer from reading problems, but I’m guessing this clears that issue right up. You no longer have to struggle through every page to experience beautiful stories. Someone is reading it to you and this is a great way to enjoy the story without all the hassle. This can also be a great solution for people with poor vision or even those who are blind (yes Braille is an option, this is just a different one).

Experiencing a book differently: Listening to a book being read to you has a different feeling than when you are reading it yourself. So audiobooks really do give the whole book a different dimension, especially if the person who is reading the book does different voices for all of the characters.


Multitasking: I know I already put this on the positive side of the balance as well, but it really can become a negative part of listening to audiobooks as well. Sometimes you combine it with the wrong things and you cannot give enough attention to either task. This makes you miss out on a part of the book or makes the other task at hand badly executed. I can see how listening to an audiobook while driving might be very handy, especially on long drives, but if there is a tough traffic situation at hand I might just block out the audiobook for a while and have missed some key points in the story. Or it’s possible to get so distracted by the book that you aren’t paying enough attention to the traffic around you. So multitasking can be great with audiobooks, but I would advise some caution though.

The reader’s voice: Normally when you read you pay attention to the writing style, the story, the characters. But when listening to the audiobook a new level is added to that, and that is the voice of whoever is reading the story to you. You might like a book less because you didn’t like the style or the voice of the reader. This can taint your experience of the book in a positive or a negative way. Let’s just hope they picked a good reader for that book that everyone has been loving, right?

Remembering the story: I have to say that this was a problem for me, especially when listening to a book I haven’t read before (as opposed to the Harry Potter audiobooks where it doesn’t matter If I miss something). Sometimes I had a hard time getting back into the story because I had forgotten what was happening last time I was listening to the audiobook. And it’s a lot harder to leaf back to get an overview of events on an audiobook (no skim-reading possible!).

So what are your thoughts on audiobooks? Have you tried them or are you hesitant to give them a go? Are there some pro’s or cons that I missed here? What are your experiences with audiobooks?