Movie night: Finding Dory

Back when finding Nemo came out I really loved it. It was a lot of fun but also had some hidden gems in those moments that went deeper. When Finding Dory was announced I wasn’t that excited at first though. I thought it might just be too similar to Finding Nemo or that the story would just be lacking seeing as that’s sometimes the case with sequels. And then I saw the cutest trailer of Dory as a baby-fish and I was hooked! So I went to see it pretty soon after it came out here in Belgium.

As with most (all?) Pixar movies these days there is a short-film that preludes the movie and let me tell you, it was totally adorable! I don’t know if these shorts are included on the DVD’s, but I sure hope they are. (I also remember really loving the short that came with Brave! I can’t talk about the others because I haven’t seen them.)

So the movie picks up a little after Finding Nemo ends with Dory having flash backs of her parents causing her to set out to find them. But I can hear you think it already: another travel story spanning oceans, which new elements will that bring to the screen?! You are wrong, the main part of the story doesn’t play out in the ocean but in an aquatic park, which was just a lot of fun to watch because the “modes of transportation” were vastly different and it also brought a lot of challenges with it.

In this movie we meet some new characters, and Hank wins that hands down. He himself is just a lot of fun, but the way he interacts with Dory and the way their relationship grows throughout the movie was just so entertaining. I really liked Nemo and Marlin, but I was really happy the story didn’t focus on them. It just made the whole feel less like a spin-off.

I can truly say that I recommend this movie, it’s very entertaining, you will laugh, you will be excited but you will also be hit with a boatload of feels! It’s just a great mix of so many elements as many of the pixar movies are these days.


Have you seen Finding Dory? What did you think of the movie? If you haven’t seen the movie, how come? 


Raving: Revisiting things you love

For those who have been around for a little while: you guys know that I love re-reading and that I do so copiously. I don’t know if it’s also as obvious that I re-watch a lot of things as well. In fact I just revisit a lot of things I love in general. I love going to the same sea side town that we used to stay at during summer, eating that food that blew me away at that one restaurant, etc. In a way I really like this about myself but at other times it really gets in the way of finding out new things as well. For example, if I keep getting the same dish at the same place, I’ll never find out if their other food is awesome as well. (For that I do have a very easy solution: I make my boyfriend get different things and taste from his plate). But in the more broad sense of revisiting things you love the one con that I have in mind is that it takes up time that I could be using to discover new things, reading new books, watching new series and movies. Instead I am watching Frozen again, or re-reading Harry Potter (again).

But there is definitely something to be said for revisiting the things you love. Sometimes rereading that book you know you love is a great way to get out of a reading funk. Sometimes re-watching that hilarious movie will no doubt get you out of that sulky mood you’re in. Sometimes it’s just nice to know what you’re in for before you dive right in. I’m not saying I’m scared of trying new things or that that’s bad in any way, I’m just saying that sometimes it can be really comforting to know what you’re getting yourself into. And sometimes for me I just know exactly what I’m in the mood for and then I just can’t resist watching or reading that certain thing again.

There’s one final reason that I love revisiting things: nostalgia. I’m definitely one of the people on earth that nostalgia has a very strong grip on. Often I’ll think of something that reminds me of that book and then I get nostalgic about that book and the time in which I was reading that book. Within a couple of days this usually spirals out of control and makes me give in to revisiting that certain thing. For example: right now I started listening to the Veronica Mars audiobook (the thousand-dollar tan line) and it’s read by Kirsten Bell (the actress who plays Veronica Mars). And now I just have this overwhelming feeling that re-watching that show is the best thing I could possibly do right now. To be perfectly honest I think I’ll give in before the end of the week. And to be even more honest: I don’t really mind either. Yes I won’t be discovering new things, but that really isn’t all that life is about for me anyway. Sometimes it’s just about being happy in the moment, and right now Veronica Mars can do that for me. So I’m gonna give into that urge and just watch the whole series again.

Movie night : The Other Woman

Hello and welcome to something new! Now I’ll chat about movies I saw from time to time. For me this is just a bit of banter about whatever movie I saw which I either liked or disliked. This is nothing as formatted or complete as my reviews.

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits (2009) Poster

This movie started of a bit strange, it even made me a little uncomfortable. Seeing how poorly Amelia was coping with William, her stepson, it was painful to watch.  But the longer the movie went on, the clearer it became as to why things were happening this way. There is just so much more going on under the surface and it was interesting to find out what.

Having just said that this was a good movie doesn’t mean that this was a happy movie. It made me cry on several occasions, though I do admit to crying very easily during movies. But I like a sad movie from time to time. Definitely not every day or if I’m nit in a certain mood. But I really can enjoy a good sad movie from time to time. And perhaps it’s strange to say this, but I like the way it makes me feel afterwards. It’s hard to describe that feeling but I guess it’s sort of pensive combined with a strange form of nostalgia to something I never had. That probably doesn’t make a lot if sense but I don’t think I’ll get much closer.

I liked the actors, I liked the story and I liked the movie. But I fully well understand that this movie is not something everyone will like. But if you decide to watch it, don’t get stuck on the beginning. Just stick with it a little while longer and you’ll find this story and its characters growing on you. Or at least that’s how I experienced this movie.

Ruby Sparks – Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris

Ruby Sparks PosterRuby Sparks

Writer: Zoe Kazan
Directors: Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris

Release Date: July 25 2012 (USA)



My rating:


5 star movie




A young novelist, Calvin, who has had a lot of success in the past is out of inspiration. While he is struggling with writer’s block he visits his therapist who tells him to write about a person who likes his dog, Scotty. What happens next is something no one saw coming. the girl Calvin wrote about comes alive.

This was a great movie. The story was definitely something new, at least as far as I know, and it was really fun at that. I do admit that certain things didn’t always make complete sense, but on the other hand, this is clearly not a movie to be taken all that seriously, so I was able to put those things aside fairly easily.


I really liked the actors in this movie, they weren’t the most famous of actors, but I liked that. They did a great job, especially the actress for Ruby Sparks. She really made a realistic character out of it, as well as doing a great job with those mood changes later on. The actor who was portraying Calvin also did a really great job. His emotions seemed very real and believable.


The storyline in the movie was very interesting. As I said before, I have never read or seen a story like this one and I thought it was really good. I also liked the moral questions it raised for the characters in the movie. Even though this situation will never be reality, I think we might have all asked ourselves these kind of questions, along the lines of “would you  do a certain thing if you could?” To me it really felt like a complete story and I found the ending to be very interesting and good. 


All in all I really enjoyed watching this movie and would happily watch it again.


Let me know what you think about this movie if you’ve gone to watch it!

Monsters – Gareth Edwards

A couple of years ago an alien cargo ship suffered problems over the area around the US – Mexican border that caused the aliens to fall out. Since the incident this zone has become infected and infested with aliens. In this movie we follow Andrew Kaulder, a journalist who is trying to bring his boss’s daughter home, which involves crossing the the infected zone.

This movie was categorized as a sci-fi horror movie by our digital movie rental service. However, this movie turned out to be a lot less sci-fi horror than imagined. The focus is rarely on the aliens, and there is only one point in the movie that you get to fully see an alien. This movie is more about the story between the people and how this alien infestation is shaping the civilization around it.

There are so many beautiful nature shots in this movie, it’s incredible. I think this is because one of the main characters is a journalist that all these beautiful settings are included in the movie. Some of the amazing shots include those where you can see buildings falling into ruin after being left behind by the people who used to live there. These nature shots are often lit by a sunset which brings such beautiful lighting to the scene.

Yet another way you can tell it’s not really sci-fi horror: the dialogue was often very good. Some very deep subjects were occasionally brought up. I’m not saying this is a dialogue-based movie, but I am saying that the dialogue is too good for just a run of the mill sci-fi horror movie. For instance, there is a moment in which Samantha asks Andrew if he doesn’t mind that his job involves waiting for horrible things to happen. Which he then parries by saying that doctors do the same. They don’t really delve further into this topic, but you can’t really call this light-hearted banter either.

All in all, this was just not the movie I was expecting when we started out, but I did find myself liking it. I’m not saying that it’s a great movie, there were some big flaws in the story at times, but it definitely wasn’t bad. I really just don’t get how this movie made it into the category of sci-fi horror. I get the sci-fi part, but it’s definitely not horror. This movie lasts 94 minutes, and about 15 of those involved on screen aliens and none of those 15 minutes had me scared.