Movie night: Finding Dory

Back when finding Nemo came out I really loved it. It was a lot of fun but also had some hidden gems in those moments that went deeper. When Finding Dory was announced I wasn’t that excited at first though. I thought it might just be too similar to Finding Nemo or that the story would just be lacking seeing as that’s sometimes the case with sequels. And then I saw the cutest trailer of Dory as a baby-fish and I was hooked! So I went to see it pretty soon after it came out here in Belgium.

As with most (all?) Pixar movies these days there is a short-film that preludes the movie and let me tell you, it was totally adorable! I don’t know if these shorts are included on the DVD’s, but I sure hope they are. (I also remember really loving the short that came with Brave! I can’t talk about the others because I haven’t seen them.)

So the movie picks up a little after Finding Nemo ends with Dory having flash backs of her parents causing her to set out to find them. But I can hear you think it already: another travel story spanning oceans, which new elements will that bring to the screen?! You are wrong, the main part of the story doesn’t play out in the ocean but in an aquatic park, which was just a lot of fun to watch because the “modes of transportation” were vastly different and it also brought a lot of challenges with it.

In this movie we meet some new characters, and Hank wins that hands down. He himself is just a lot of fun, but the way he interacts with Dory and the way their relationship grows throughout the movie was just so entertaining. I really liked Nemo and Marlin, but I was really happy the story didn’t focus on them. It just made the whole feel less like a spin-off.

I can truly say that I recommend this movie, it’s very entertaining, you will laugh, you will be excited but you will also be hit with a boatload of feels! It’s just a great mix of so many elements as many of the pixar movies are these days.


Have you seen Finding Dory? What did you think of the movie? If you haven’t seen the movie, how come? 


Rambling: Movie Time

So I watched some movies and felt like talking about them!

The decoy bride

Courtesy of IMDb

The decoy bride is about a celebrity couple that gets so much paparazzi-attention that they can’t even have a private wedding anymore. That’s all I will be saying about the plot, because I don’t want to be any more spoilerific than the title already is. Anyway, watching this movie was a good time. It was funny, it was a little bit cliché but I don’t really mind that too much. And I love David Tennant, so for me this movie was good before I even started watching it. And I just love the Scottish accent (the movie takes place on the beautiful Hegg), so there, many ingredients for a fun time.

My favourite line in the movie:

Predominently this is a sheep-snatching thing.

(Though it might not mean much to people who haven’t seen the movie, this definitely made me laugh out loud, and that is the direct reason for it being my favourite line in the entire movie.)

The Duff

Courtesy of IMDb

I read the book a while back so I thought it was finally time for me to check out the movie. What I do remember from the book isn’t super detailed but enough for me to know that there are some definite changes in the story. Did I mind? Not really because I can see that they made certain changes to make this a little more PG. I still liked the characters, I still enjoyed the movie and the Bianca and Wes had some serious chemistry in the movie. The start of the movie was niceley done, with a reference to an old classic, which was nice. And it gets you quickly up to speed with the characters so the story and the tone is set right from the start. Was it perfect? Probably not, but I did enjoy this movie a whole lot. And I think it sends a great message to teenagers. Bonus fun: gag reels at the end of the movie for all the characters!

Favourite quote from the movie:

– You… look crazy?!

-Crazy amazing!

Movie night: Dirty Dancing

This was my first ever favorite non-kids movie, and it’s still a movie that I couldn’t go without. I just had to re-watch this baby(yes, I went there) after hearing songs from the movie too often on the radio (if you don’t know what I’m talking about: Time of my life, hungry eyes and do you love me and many other amazing songs). And I don’t regret it for a moment. In any case it had been too long since I watched this gorgeous piece of nostalgia wrapped in a great soundtrack. After more than ten years I still think the story is amazing and I am still in awe of the dancing. I love how Baby is so naïve at first and how Johnny is this tough guy, and how she’s almost always wearing white while he’s always dressed in black. I enjoy watching their journey together and I still cried while watching this movie. For me it doesn’t get much better than this. I even like this movie a better than the sequel, Havana nights (though it’s definitely not bad either). Another thing this movie makes me feel is envy towards the dancers, because I can’t dance at all.

II f you haven’t seen this movie: where have you been all your life?! You’ve been missing out! Get to watching this movie and see the late Patrick Swayze bust some sweet moves!

Movie night: Catching fire

This second part of the series definitely upped the ante. As the people who have read my review of the first movie know, I didn’t like the first movie (see my review here). So I was pleasantly surprised that this movie did it so much better. To me it really seemed as if this movie was more true to the spirit of the book and I could really appreciate this. I loved the acting in this movie a lot more. I have also partially gotten over my annoyance at the outward showing of emotions by Katniss (because that’s just not how it is in the books, but I understand why they do it in the movies because how else do you portray inner emotions if you’re not allowed to show them).  I loved Effie, Finnick, Joanna and Haymitch in this movie! They really did their best for this movie. The arena in this book was also a lot better than in Hunger games. It was exactly how I had imagined it and it was just so much more clear how artificial it all was. This was very unlike the dresses in the movies which I didn’t like. Not once have I ever had the “oh yes this is exactly how I imagined it”-feeling, not even close. And this does make me a little sad because there is a lot of symbol in them. I’m not saying that the dresses in the movie are bad, but I just don’t love them because I had imagined them differently. But the symbolism is definitely still there, so that’s good. The thing I loved the most about this movie however is the fact that It just made me want to re-read the books. To me that is definitely a positive sign.

Did any of you also see the movie? What were your thoughts? (Please keep the comment section spoiler-free for those who have not read the books/seen the movie. If you care to discuss this more in depth, feel free to email me.)

Movie night : The Other Woman

Hello and welcome to something new! Now I’ll chat about movies I saw from time to time. For me this is just a bit of banter about whatever movie I saw which I either liked or disliked. This is nothing as formatted or complete as my reviews.

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits (2009) Poster

This movie started of a bit strange, it even made me a little uncomfortable. Seeing how poorly Amelia was coping with William, her stepson, it was painful to watch.  But the longer the movie went on, the clearer it became as to why things were happening this way. There is just so much more going on under the surface and it was interesting to find out what.

Having just said that this was a good movie doesn’t mean that this was a happy movie. It made me cry on several occasions, though I do admit to crying very easily during movies. But I like a sad movie from time to time. Definitely not every day or if I’m nit in a certain mood. But I really can enjoy a good sad movie from time to time. And perhaps it’s strange to say this, but I like the way it makes me feel afterwards. It’s hard to describe that feeling but I guess it’s sort of pensive combined with a strange form of nostalgia to something I never had. That probably doesn’t make a lot if sense but I don’t think I’ll get much closer.

I liked the actors, I liked the story and I liked the movie. But I fully well understand that this movie is not something everyone will like. But if you decide to watch it, don’t get stuck on the beginning. Just stick with it a little while longer and you’ll find this story and its characters growing on you. Or at least that’s how I experienced this movie.