Rambling: Movie Time

So I watched some movies and felt like talking about them!

The decoy bride

Courtesy of IMDb

The decoy bride is about a celebrity couple that gets so much paparazzi-attention that they can’t even have a private wedding anymore. That’s all I will be saying about the plot, because I don’t want to be any more spoilerific than the title already is. Anyway, watching this movie was a good time. It was funny, it was a little bit cliché but I don’t really mind that too much. And I love David Tennant, so for me this movie was good before I even started watching it. And I just love the Scottish accent (the movie takes place on the beautiful Hegg), so there, many ingredients for a fun time.

My favourite line in the movie:

Predominently this is a sheep-snatching thing.

(Though it might not mean much to people who haven’t seen the movie, this definitely made me laugh out loud, and that is the direct reason for it being my favourite line in the entire movie.)

The Duff

Courtesy of IMDb

I read the book a while back so I thought it was finally time for me to check out the movie. What I do remember from the book isn’t super detailed but enough for me to know that there are some definite changes in the story. Did I mind? Not really because I can see that they made certain changes to make this a little more PG. I still liked the characters, I still enjoyed the movie and the Bianca and Wes had some serious chemistry in the movie. The start of the movie was niceley done, with a reference to an old classic, which was nice. And it gets you quickly up to speed with the characters so the story and the tone is set right from the start. Was it perfect? Probably not, but I did enjoy this movie a whole lot. And I think it sends a great message to teenagers. Bonus fun: gag reels at the end of the movie for all the characters!

Favourite quote from the movie:

– You… look crazy?!

-Crazy amazing!


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