Wanted: a co-blogger?

So, pretty recently the lovely bloggers over on pages unbound were talking about whether or not co-blogging is the blogging of the future, especially with standards being raised higher than ever to be better at all of the things connected to blogging (writing reviews & discussions, social media, photography, deadlines,…). They posed that maybe co-blogging could be everyone who finds themselves in this position might just be saved from their own high standards for the blog if they just could share the load with someone, a co-blogger.

In the comments it became apparent that there were quite a few people looking for a co-blogger but just didn’t know quite how to go about that. The ladies from pages unbound gave us some tips on how to create an add to attract a co-blogger, and here I am offering a different route for those of us who just don’t feel like creating an add will do the trick.

I myself am part of (as in I participated, not manage in any kind of way)the international geek girl pen pals, where people all over the world could sign up,list some of their interest and a couple of days later: voila: you were matched up with a pen pal that would be best suited to your personality/interests. And now here I am thinking that something just like this could be what will help us find our co-bloggers. A sort of dating site for bloggers, to find their co-blogger.

And so here that goes:

Mail your applications to: nieke.wille@gmail.com

Things that should be included in your mail to improve the matchmaking odds:

  1. Are you already a blogger?
  2. If you are a blogger, what are the topics you blog about?
  3. Would you like to keep your blog/join someone else’s blog/create a new blog?
  4. Which of these are you good at/do you like to do:
    1. write reviews
    2. use social media to grow your brand
    3. write discussion posts
    4. photography
    5. organize bookish events
    6. graphics
  5. which of these are you looking for in your co-blogger:
    1. write reviews
    2. use social media to grow your brand
    3. write discussion posts
    4. photography
    5. organize bookish events
    6. graphics
  6. what kind of posting schedule are you looking for? (daily, weekly, twice a week, nothing set in stone….)
  7. any additional comments?

Don’t worry, your personal information is perfectly safe with me, I’ll use your mail for this, and only this.

As to the timing I have for this matchmaking project, I think that it sort of depends on how many reactions I have to this post. But let’s just assume that things go reasonably well, then I should be able to pair people up within about two weeks. Come back to this post if you want an update on the process!


10 thoughts on “Wanted: a co-blogger?

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  4. This is such an awesome idea! I’m so glad you came up with this in response to the huge response that Krysta and Briana had! I think we’ve needed this kind of a service for a long time – I remember when I was new to the book blogging world, and wanted to coblog at first (lower commitment), and couldn’t find anyone! Glad that someone else won’t have to struggle now, because of this service! :)

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