Rambling: an ever-growing “currently reading”-list

For those who haven’t been following me on this blog for long, or maybe for those who haven’t picked up this fact before: I read a lot of books at the same time. I never really used to do this while I was younger, but then somehow it picked up. I think it used to be pretty low-key where I was just reading a very outspoken genre and then one day I  wouldn’t be in the mood for that specific genre and I would pick up a second book that would be exactly what I wanted to read at that time.

But then it started getting more intense, because when I started spending prolonged times at my boyfriend’s place and I’d sometimes be stuck without a book. And I’d just pick up one of his and start reading it whenever I was there. It wasn’t a big deal. But then I also bought an e-reader which was a super easy device for me to take to school (it was about a half-hour train ride each way) and get some primo reading time in every day on the commute. I don’t know if many people actually do own the same copy in both physical form and digital form, but I’m generally not one of them (I have maybe two books that I bought in hardback after really loving the e-book SOOO much). So that would be the third book on the stack on most days (at home I still prefer to read regular books).

And while I don’t have a problem with keeping all the storylines separate, I think the whole situation is getting a bit out of control at the moment; And the major culprit is this: picking up a book with the best of intentions but then not soon after the start, slacking off. And starting to read a different book on top of the other one. Before I slack off on that one also, and pick up yet another book. At this very moment Goodreads is telling me that I am “currently reading” 20 books! Most of these books I am definitely not actively reading at this very moment, but I really do want to get around to reading them some day soon (that just never seems to feel like today?!) It has definitely come to the point that if I were to pick some of these books back up that I would have to start right from the beginning because it has been so long since I last read in that book. Yet somehow it wouldn’t feel right to take them of that currently reading list, especially since I’m not disliking these books (I blame various reading slumps that I fell into while I started these books). They are currently in Book Limbo, but I hope to get them out there soon!

Is this something any of you have ever experienced? Have you ever had a book wind up in Book Limbo before? Or are you someone who would rather just read one book after another?



17 thoughts on “Rambling: an ever-growing “currently reading”-list

  1. I did notice over on Goodreads! :)
    I never read more than one book of fiction at a time, but will have a couple of books on the go sometimes. A novel and poetry, maybe. Or a novel and a biography, etc.

    • I can see how you would pair up a poetry book with something else, because I can’t imagine myself reading a poetry book for a long while, uninterrupted.
      Thanks for commenting Andy :)

  2. I do the same thing. I think I’m reading multiple books at once, but sometimes I’m really just reading one book and DNF-ing the other. Goodreads currently thinks I’m reading about three books that I’m really not. I usually try to just clean out the list once in a while, after I admit to myself I’m really not reading the book.

    • I really should clean out this list from time to time as well. But I just don’t want to remove them sometimes, because I really do want to get back to them :p but maybe I should decide on a cut-off period, that once they are past that they do get cut from the currently reading list :)

      • Yeah, sometimes I tell myself I’m going to finish the book and then I realize I haven’t actually opened it up for a year! If I DO want to read it, I at least probably have to start reading it from the beginning again!

        • So true! Once you’ve just left it too long, you can barely remember the story anyway. Yet another reason to get rid of them from my currently-reading list

    • Well, just remember that it was never my intention to beat anyone at this. There are definitely times when I wish I was down to a more readable number like 4 ;)

  3. I was okay with reading multiple books simultaneously in school, but I don’t let myself do it when reading for pleasure. I’ll fall into exactly the pit you’re in now, and I’d find it a lot more miserable than you do!

    Even with my Throne of Glass thing–which will have taken me three months to complete, excuse me while I die–I’d put ToG aside entirely to quickly read another book for review. Thank goodness I can manage that much, at least; I’d probably go crazy if I couldn’t read anything but ToG for three months.

    Maybe you might consider making another status for these books, like “Set aside for now”? So you can keep track of what you’ve started but didn’t want to DNF?

    I hope you find a management system that works for you! Great discussion topic, by the way. :)

    • Oh that’s a great idea! Because that’s exactly how I feel about these books! It would definitely work to help clear my currently-reading pile while still not marking these books as DNF’s!
      i love that you’re checking out my blog by the way :) thanks for that :)

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