Alive and blogging?

So, it seems that I have been gone for a little while (because in all honestly, is 8 months really that long?!). This temporary leave of absence was very unplanned but welcome at the same time. My eagerness to blog was starting to diminish somewhat, combined with the fact that I wanted a bit of a contextual makeover here on the blog, as well as me moving out and getting my own place with the Boyfriend were the most active reasons as to my unannounced hiatus. At first I was just mostly busy tearing off wallpaper,repainting, buying furniture, collecting cutlery and lamps to miss blogging too much. Then I was just busy adjusting to running a household, admittedly sharing it with someone helps a lot! And after being all busy with these things I fell into a bit of a creative slump blog-wise. I really wanted to update the type of content I was putting up here, but I was at a loss of how I wanted to go about this. This also coincided with me being in a reading slump, so on top of not knowing how to write it, I didn’t even know what to write about!

But here we are again, alive and blogging!

Does this mean that I now have a complete idea as to where I want to go with this blog?
No. However, I have a general idea of what I want to put up here. I want to do more relaxed book reviews. I love talking about books but it just started to feel so forced that it wasn’t as fun anymore. So I will definitely continue talking about books, albeit in a more loose way. Being someone who really loves quotes I want to make that a regular  feature of sorts. Discussions are also something I really enjoy doing, though I feel that doing those on my own makes me run out of steam real fast. So I’m actually looking at some bookish friends to see if they are interested in joining me from time to time with these discussions to just keep things more lively.

Besides bookish things I want to start talking about other things as well. I have been doing this for a bit, but I just want to expand on that even more. I think it would be fun to give the whole blog a bit more of a personal touch by talking more broadly than I did before.


I hope that my blogging break did not scare you away and that you’ll still be up for joining me here on Rantings, Ravings and Ramblings!

Say something!

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