The Graphic Novel Reviews (Saga, Glass swords & Largo Winch)

So recently I’ve read some graphic novels and I thought I’d share my thoughts. If you want to find out more about the book, click the cover which will take you to its Goodreads page. Seeing as these books are for the most part not originally English, I’ve had some trouble finding the English pages on Goodreads/ covers in English. I tried, I swear, but some things can’t be helped.

Saga vol. 1

So I’ve seen a lot of very positive reviews on this graphic novel so I thought it was about time I looked into it. And when I came across the book in my local library, the time had finally come. But if I’m completely honest I really wasn’t blown away by this graphic novel. The artwork was amazing, the basic storyline was also good. But it just felt a bit all over the place to me. Maybe this is because I’m not really used to reading graphic novels that it felt a bit haphazard with all that jumping around from one seemingly random scene to the next. I also found that it lacked a bit of depth, and I think this ties in with the way the story jumped around. Some things were just very blatantly put down in writing and I lacked a little of the subtle art of storytelling. There were just a lot of things that were so vulgarly said that I felt drawn out of the story, because in my experience people seldomly communicate like this.  I might check out the second volume if I come across it in the library but I won’t go looking for it. But you never know, maybe if I read more of the book it will redeem itself a little on those sore points.

 Saga, Vol. 1

The glass swords (book 1, 2 and 3)

In my same library-run that brought me Saga, I also came across this series of graphic novels and it looked interested so I took them home. These three books did end up sitting better with me than Saga because it just felt like the storyline felt more structured. It was going places that my mind could follow. The dialogue was sometimes a bit over the top which took away from authentic feeling dialogues. Sometimes things were being said that I felt could be shown instead. But I liked the story, and the characters. The fact that the main protagonist is a strong female just makes the whole thing cooler also. I will definitely be looking for the next books in the series to see how the story continues.

 The Swords of Glass Ilango (Die Gläserenen Schwerter, 2) Tigran (Die gläsernen Schwerter # 3)

Largo Winch series (books 1-19) *

This was actually a re-read for the most part, because I read a good part of these when I was younger. But I was hoping that by re-reading them I would understand the economic issues better this time around. And I have to say that I really did understand the economy better and it really did help to make the story more interesting (if you’ve read these books you will definitely understand why this is the case). Because understanding the big lines is ok, but there’s definitely enough explanation to really understand the magnitude of the events that take place. This does mean that at times there is a lot of dialogue going on in these books, but I don’t really mind (though this might be because I’m just so used to reading novels that I am used to an abundance of text). I liked how these books are actually all paired up (you can even tell by the cover because the titles will be in the same font if they are part of the same story arc) though I will say that I’m very happy to be reading them a while after they came out (so I don’t have to wait forever with a giant cliffhanger in my mind).

De Erfgenaam (Largo Winch, #1) Groep W (Largo Winch, #2) O.P.A. (Largo Winch, #3) Business Blues (Largo Winch, #4) H (Largo Winch, #5) Dutch Connection (Largo Winch, #6)  La forteresse de Makiling (Largo Winch, #7) Het Uur van de Tijger (Largo Winch, #8)  See Venice... (Largo Winch #9) ... And Die Golden Gate (Largo Winch, #11) Shadow (Largo Winch, #12) The Price of Money: Largo Winch Vol. 9 The Law of the Dollar The Three Eyes of the Guardians of the Tao  The Way and the Virtue Cold Black Sea: Largo Winch Red-Hot Wrath: Largo Winch Crossfire (Largo Winch, #19)

*So far I’ve technically only read the first 16 books in this series, but I will soon be reading the other three and I’m fairly certain the quality of the graphic novels won’t disintegrate at too steep a pace ;)


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