Raving: Revisiting things you love

For those who have been around for a little while: you guys know that I love re-reading and that I do so copiously. I don’t know if it’s also as obvious that I re-watch a lot of things as well. In fact I just revisit a lot of things I love in general. I love going to the same sea side town that we used to stay at during summer, eating that food that blew me away at that one restaurant, etc. In a way I really like this about myself but at other times it really gets in the way of finding out new things as well. For example, if I keep getting the same dish at the same place, I’ll never find out if their other food is awesome as well. (For that I do have a very easy solution: I make my boyfriend get different things and taste from his plate). But in the more broad sense of revisiting things you love the one con that I have in mind is that it takes up time that I could be using to discover new things, reading new books, watching new series and movies. Instead I am watching Frozen again, or re-reading Harry Potter (again).

But there is definitely something to be said for revisiting the things you love. Sometimes rereading that book you know you love is a great way to get out of a reading funk. Sometimes re-watching that hilarious movie will no doubt get you out of that sulky mood you’re in. Sometimes it’s just nice to know what you’re in for before you dive right in. I’m not saying I’m scared of trying new things or that that’s bad in any way, I’m just saying that sometimes it can be really comforting to know what you’re getting yourself into. And sometimes for me I just know exactly what I’m in the mood for and then I just can’t resist watching or reading that certain thing again.

There’s one final reason that I love revisiting things: nostalgia. I’m definitely one of the people on earth that nostalgia has a very strong grip on. Often I’ll think of something that reminds me of that book and then I get nostalgic about that book and the time in which I was reading that book. Within a couple of days this usually spirals out of control and makes me give in to revisiting that certain thing. For example: right now I started listening to the Veronica Mars audiobook (the thousand-dollar tan line) and it’s read by Kirsten Bell (the actress who plays Veronica Mars). And now I just have this overwhelming feeling that re-watching that show is the best thing I could possibly do right now. To be perfectly honest I think I’ll give in before the end of the week. And to be even more honest: I don’t really mind either. Yes I won’t be discovering new things, but that really isn’t all that life is about for me anyway. Sometimes it’s just about being happy in the moment, and right now Veronica Mars can do that for me. So I’m gonna give into that urge and just watch the whole series again.

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