Rambling: Buzz words and dealbreakers

Because there are just simply too many books out there for us to read all of them, we have to try and pick out those that will appeal to us most. Sometimes we decide based on looks (how dare you! Book should never be judged by their cover! But doesn’t everybody secretly judge a little by the cover though?), or on recommendations and last but not least a synopsis. And that’s what this blogpost is all about. 

Buzz words

When you are reading a synopsis, which words will instantly draw you in to make you want to read that book? 

Give me a faraway magical kingdom and I’m pretty much sold right away. The rest of the synopsis has to contain so many dealbreakers and have had so many bad reviews for me to put it down after reading this.

I love a good boarding school story! Everyone knows that all the good stuff happens when there aren’t any parents around and this is just the ideal setting for that! Plus I think it also has to do with the fact that I really wanted to go to a boarding school when I was younger.

Mythology is something that really grew on me to the point that if it’s in a book I will most definitely be picking it up and reading it. And I’m not very specific as to which kind of mythology, I love it all!

You’re telling me about a sweet fairy tale retelling you’ve read? I’m running to the bookstore before you finished telling me what it’s about! I love the real deal and a strong retelling. I’ve always been a fan and I am not giving up now!

If a book is good I’ll just love it even more if it’s part of a series. This is something that strongly combines with other buzz words. On itself it means nothing to me if a book is or isn’t part of a series. But if it’s an epic fantasy, I want to be reading about that for more than one measly book.

A princess having to save her country, that’s okay. But an underdog having to rise up to save the realm, that’s ten times better. You don’t have to be privileged to rock my world, I’d even prefer if you weren’t.


Which words on a synopsis make you drop the book like a hot coal, never to be looked at again? 

A huge dealbreaker for me is an overload of angst. If the synopsis even gives me too much of an angsty feel I’m out before I even consider the rest of the story. This is just not something that I enjoy reading, it even annoys me on most days.

Those catchphrases (or whatever they are called in the literature world) on covers are all nice and dandy when they are good. But when they are corny I have to force myself not to physically throw the book away. Reading “She might not be all that she appears” or “Nothing is as it seems in Tiny Town” does not make me a happy camper. If you can’t think of anything that’s not a cliché, just don’t put one on there and stick to the title.

If there is already mention of the possibility of a love triangle I just don’t want to pick up the book anymore. I am very much done with these and don’t think it will come back any time soon.

If the story is about/takes place in World War I or II, chances are pretty big I won’t be very excited. I’m not saying it’s a definitive “no”, but it has to be pretty darn good if it’s going to persuade me to read it.

When people tell me that the author seems afraid to kill off characters that’s a “no” for me. It has happened on occasion that I don’t mind as much, but there has to be a lot of good stuff to outweigh this. In life people die and it’s never convenient to the plotline/characters, why does it have to be so different in books? Sometimes people die and it’s horrible, but I like this in books (it’s agonizingly good).

A good stereotype will always turn me away from the book. There’s nothing so un-entertaining as flat, one-dimensional characters just to prove a certain point.

Unnecessary sequels are a thing that will make me very sad. If you’ve read my buzz words too, you might be confused because it’s on that list as well. For me it’s generally a toss-up between yes of no. If it’s good I’m so ready to read more books of the same. But if I’m already feeling that the story has been told or that it is being unnecessarily stretched to fill more books I will be disappointed. A lot.

What are your buzz words and dealbreakers? 

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