Rambling: Reading Challenge 2015

So it’s another year and with that comes the decision of picking a new reading challenge on Goodreads, or even deciding against a reading challenge as a whole. Last year I had set my reading goals on 50 books in the course of the year. I only barely made it with 54 books in 2014. And I say barely made it, not because I think that 54 is not a lot. It’s just that in 2013 I read 112 books. So it’s pretty obvious that last year wasn’t the greatest reading year for me. And that’s where my doubts sprung into life.

Was 2015 going to be a better reading year for me? Was it going to get worse? If I was going to set myself a goal, was I going to choose a goal that would push myself to read more or was I going to take the easy way out and set the bar pretty low? Or would it be better for myself to not set a reading goal in 2015, because it might become an obstacle too big to cross? Or is 2015 perhaps the year that I venture onto a different reading challenge? Maybe something not quite focused on numbers but on the contents of what I’m reading?

In the end I decided on two different challenges for 2015.


 the Goodreads Challenge. In 2015 I hope to read 75 books. I opted to push myself back into reading a bit more. I really enjoy reading and I just didn’t get around to it as much in 2014. So by setting my goal on 75 I hope to make reading a bit more of a priority this year.

2015 Reading Challenge


The Popsugar Reading Challenge. This challenge will widen my horizon in reading while still allowing me the freedom that I crave as an emotional reader. I could never choose 50 books to read up front. But just having certain criteria to meet would definitely act more as a stimulus to broaden my reading comfort zone while not giving me the feeling of being trapped. I might do some updates during the year to keep everyone up to date as to which books I end up picking for the categories.

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