Rambling: How quickly we forget

While I was working on (finally) updating my page on what I’d read in 2013 and I came across a lot of books that I remembered only by reading their titles on my Goodreads. Once I read these titles I had at least a vague idea of the contents of these books. More often I even remember the main story line and what my general feelings about these books were. But thinking about the fact that these were books that I read a year ago, I just couldn’t stop thinking about all the books that came before it. The ones that I read in 2012 but more importantly the books that came before that. Because 2012 was when I started writing this blog about book, mostly to help me remember my feelings and thoughts about the books I read. And I’m glad to say that I still feel as if I need this blog to record my thoughts about (mostly) everything that I read. Yes it’s a way to connect with a community, but for me writing about books has always been about more than that connection. And I’m glad it is, because I’m such a small blogger that I wouldn’t get enough satisfaction from the amount of traffic I get. Don’t worry, this is not me whining about not getting traffic, this is me being happy to have started this blog for the reasons I did. And yes, these days there aren’t a lot of reviews appearing here. But that’s just mostly because I don’t seem to be getting through books fast enough to keep this blog alive. In the near future I hope to be out of my reading slump or at least find more time to read. And when that’s the case I will definitely be putting my reviews on here, to help me remember the books that I read, the good, the bad and the plain horrible.

Do you easily forget about the books that you read? If you are a book blogger, why did you get into blogging about books?


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