Ranting: Expectations

Expectations are definitely something that I’m just not a fan of. Whenever you have them they influence your opinion of the book and that’s just a shame. It is a really nice feeling when you go into a book without any expectations and you can just read it as it comes. There’s already enough factors influencing how you feel about the books you read without adding expectations to that equation.

High expectations that are smashed

Let’s be honest, this is a super annoying feeling. Everyone was just hyping about this book, or you usually love this author, or your friend who has a similar taste in books loved it, or the synopsis just promises so many things that never happen the way you want to.  There’s a myriad of reasons why you can have terribly high expectations about a book. And doesn’t it just really depress you when none of the expectations are met in the course of the book? It certainly doesn’t make me a very happy camper. I think this is definitely the worst when there is so much promise in the book, be it the premise or the author making this promise, and the seed of all that awesomeness is present in the book but just not the way you want it to be. I’ve had this happen so often with ARC’s that I actually stepped back from a lot of ARC’s. It’s not that there aren’t gems in there, because that is definitely not the truth, but these days I just prefer buying books I know I’ll love (and even then it doesn’t always happen).

Low expectations that are blown out of the window

This is on the other side of the spectrum, and let’s be honest, this side is much more fun. When you don’t expect anything and then all of the epic stuff goes down and you just can’t help falling in love with this book. It’s a great feeling, but it doesn’t happen all too often. And you know why? Because generally people don’t go about picking up books they don’t think they will enjoy. It might happen from time to time, but I’m not really in the habit of constantly picking up books people are not liking at all.

So what are your experiences with expectations? Do you often read books abut which you have expectations? How does it generally turn out for you?


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