Rambling: Disney favorites

While we all know by now that Disney often has some more than questionable morals at the heart of its movies, it’s still a part of my childhood. And definitely a part that I enjoyed immensely. So let’s just skip the lesson on morality and go straight to some of my favorite characters from Disney movies (because that’s just so much more fun to talk about)!



This little guy is just one of the most hilarious sidekicks I’ve ever seen. He’s a little piece of snark and it cheers up the whole movie!

Yzma and Kronk

Kronk and yzma

Such a fun “evil” duo. I would say that these two make the whole movie into the epicness that it is, but I also really love Cuzco! So actually those three are my favorite in this movie.


 (That’s actually my favorite line in the movie!)

The wolf in “The sword in the stone”


I know this guy isn’t really a main part of the movie, but he just cracks me up every time he pops up in the movie. He has the worst luck imaginable!

The squirrel lady in “The sword in the stone”


It’s the cutest thing. I can’t deny myself the cuteness.



This guy is just hilarious! I like him both in this movie and monsters university



Just for being who she always is. Plus isn’t she the cutest thing ever! Besides her brothers maybe!


Trex, Mr. Patato head and Ham

Ham and patatohead


They just liven up the movie. Plus Mr. Patato Head is teaching kids about art and all that ;)

The Moose from brother bear


I don’t even remember if these guys had names in the movie, I just remember that they were by far the thing I liked the most in this movie.



Funniest guy in the underworld, hands down.

All GIFs are from giphy.com

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