Yay or Nay: Reading multiple books simultaneously

Some people seem to be reading all the books they own at once while others are far more conservative and stick to a single book at a time. I definitely fall into the camp of people who read multiple books simultaneously. But there are certain cons for this system as well.


Mood reading: This is definitely the top reason I don’t stick to just one book. Sometimes you’re in the middle of reading this very well written yet slower moving book and you’re in the mood for reading something fast paced and adventurous. That’s when I pick up a second book that suits my mood. This happens more often when I’m reading longer books, because who can predict how their mood will be for extended periods of time?

Different locations: Another reason to read different books at the same time is your location and the book’s location. Sometimes I forget to bring my book someplace and suddenly I find myself with two wonderful hours of leisure. I will find a book at this location and start reading that. This can also happen on purpose. With this I mean to say that I only take my Kindle with me when I go somewhere (out of fear of damaging my book and dragging a lot of weight with me) and if I’m currently reading a physical book I will start reading an additional book on my Kindle.


Confusion: While this is generally not a problem for me, I can see why this is a deterrent though. Especially when reading within certain genres it sometimes becomes difficult to keep storylines/worlds separated in your head if you read more than one book at a time. As I said this usually doesn’t happen to me, mostly because mood reading usually will make me vary in genre.

Finishing books takes forever: This is actually a problem I’m coping with as we speak. I don’t know why but I keep on picking up new books and I don’t get any finished. This is not only ludicrous, seeing as I’m now actively reading about 5 different books, but it’s also a hassle as someone who writes about books. Because I don’t finish any of these I can’t review any yet. So right now I’m currently out of books to review.

Are you someone who reads multiple books at the same time? Do you have different reasons for doing this/avoiding this?

2 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Reading multiple books simultaneously

  1. Yaay! I definitely do this. I usually read one physical book and another ebook. Sometimes its 5 books. I don’t have a problem keeping the storylines separate in my head cause I read different genres….different mood different book kinda thing :D

    • I am definitely the same when it comes to reading an ebook and a physical book at the same time. I just don’t take my physical books to the places I do my kindle :)

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