Odense, Denmark

So yes, I have missed a couple of posts. But I have a perfectly good reason to have done so, I promise. From Tuesday to Tuesday I have been on holiday to Denmark. I was staying with my friend who lives in Odense. This is apparently the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and he even moved back here at a later age as well. The town is littered with statues that bear his likeness or that depict characters from his many stories. You can visit both his birth house and the house he himself lived in as a grown up. Both have become museums as a testament to what he’s done. Many places and things have been named after this celebrated writer. But even Copenhagen bears a tribute to this wonderful man with a statue of him on the main square.

Besides looking at the life of Hans Christian Andersen, we also visited Legoland (because how could you not go there?!). Then we also went to Copenhagen and even popped over to Sweden and visited Malmö. (I saw so many things from The Bridge that it made my little fangirl heart swell with joy!)

All in all my trip was great, even though the weather was cold, windy and even rainy. I had a lot of fun with my friends and have been recovering from all that fun ever since I have gotten back home. On Monday I start my fulltime job so that will be a big change for me as well. I hope I’m ready for that next step in life.

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful October and a great Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Odense, Denmark

    • I really liked Copenhagen, because it was super pretty and there was so much to see! Odense was nice as well, but it just feels pretty small, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I would definitely rather live in a smaller town that something as big as Copenhagen I think.

      • Me too. I like to visit my home city of Manchester, but wouldn’t live there in one of those high apartments. It is nice to return home, even if it is only a half hour bus journey. As a fellow Bridge fan, what did you make of Malmo?

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