Discussion: Keeping up with new releases

I’ll just say up front that I really don’t keep up with new releases, book wise. It’s not that I don’t care about new books being published, it’s actually more about me caring too much about new books being published. My TBR-pile on goodreads is huge already (currently 1502 books) and I keep adding to it. And worst of all is actually that half of the books I’m reading were not even in my TBR-pile to start with. So with me not making any headway whatsoever in the TBR-pile I’m trying to downgrade on the adding to it instead. And I do this by not following all the new and pretty books being published today or tomorrow. However this does come with certain downsides, such as not knowing that a sequel to one of your favorite books is coming out. That really sucks a lot, but you do find out eventually, so I have really learned to let that go. It does also give you the feeling that you might be missing out on epic new books. But I just tell myself that I will hear about these books soon. Plus it helps that I never get around to most of my TBR, so I can appease my mind with that fact as well.


Do you keep up with new releases in the book publishing world? Why do you and how does it affect your reading? How do you keep up with all the reading? Or don’t you, just like me? What are your reasons for not following new releases?


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