Yay or Nay: series reviews

Reviewing every installment of the series separately or combine reviews of multiple books in one post?I’m starting this discussion because this is something that I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time now.So I bring the discussion to you and see how you feel about this topic.


EASIER: And i’m not just talking about the fact that you only have to write one review for a whole bunch of books. I’m talking more about the fact that sometimes when I read a series, and I tend to do this in a very short time span, the books will start to feel less like separate entities and more like one huge book. Of course I’ll remember certain events belonging to certain books, but sometimes that line becomes a bit blurry. When clumping all the reviews in one blog post (depending on how you choose to review the series, just in one go or still per book but just with less to say per book) you don’t need to address these things as specifically, therefore making reviewing the series a lot easier.

NO SPOILERS: When reviewing books separately it becomes progressively more difficult to steer clear of spoilers. Because all of a sudden you are having to tiptoe around so many points because they reference huge,epic, life changing events from the previous books. When doing a series review you can be less specific, therefore able to speak in such broad terms that it’s hardly spoilerish anymore.


GENERALIZED: When you’re talking about a series as a whole, the review will be less specific. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, some people might want more details (to them I would say: start a conversation in the comments?). But even if you don’t really mind, it’s still a fact that the whole review will be more of a collection of general thoughts instead of talking about super specific plot lines.

LESS CONTENT: You just spend a lot of your time reading this epic series, spanning multiple books and now you’re just writing one blogpost about the whole thing. The time spent reading this series far outweighs the time spent reviewing it. Especially if this is a larger series this becomes a really lopsided affair (and yes, I know that the time spent reading usually will outweigh the time spent reviewing. I’m saying that it will do so more than for a regular review, and that it will do so with a lot bigger margin too). You could elect to still write multiple reviews, just not one per book, and balance things out a little more like that.

So what is your stance in this Yay or Nay discussion? Are you ever tempted to review a series in one go or are you a firm believer in one review per book? Share your thoughts below!

4 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: series reviews

  1. Funny how i stumbled upon this post just when I was thinking how to review the Harry Potter series. I just read it for the first time. Writing 7 reviews doesn’t sound like a lot of fun so I think I’ll just write an overall series review. Yes, it’s gonna be more general thoughts…but it sounds better at the moment :)

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