Raving: The bridge

So this is the second edition of my ranting raving or rambling feature and this time I have chosen to rave about the television series “the bridge” (Bron in Swedish/Broen in Danish). If you haven’t heard about the series yet I don’t know where you have been hiding. (I actually don’t know if this show is popular outside Europe, so let me know in the comments if you have more intel about this!)

For those of you who have never known or temporarily forgotten what the series are about, let me tell you real quick. It’s a Danish-Swedish crime series. One season equals one crime (or criminal to be more accurate).

Here in Belgium the series has become very popular and the second season is now currently running on television (after a re-run of the first season of course). It’s definitely not the only Scandinavian series that has gained popularity here, “the killing” and “Wallander” (based on a series of great books) are just two other crime-centered shows.

I really like all of these shows, but seeing as I’m raving about “the bridge” here, let me stick to that one. First of I really like how there isn’t one crime per episode. This leaves a lot more room for complexity in characters and storylines. It gives so much more depth to the show and that’s something I really enjoy (don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like it short and easy as well). The characters are so rich and have so many layers, it’s just fun to get to know them better with every episode. Secondly, and this is a lot more personal, I’m a big fan of Scandinavia. This summer I went to Finland, I’m hoping to go to Denmark in October and I’ve been dying to go to Sweden for a long time. So it’s safe to say that I also like the show because I was just destined to ;) My third reason is language! I love Danish and Swedish and want to learn how to speak them one day (soon!). And last, but definitely not least, the cinematic side of the show! Because one season only focusses on one criminal there is enough time to get beautiful shots in every episode. They give you time to get the feel for the situations at hand.

So have you heard of this series? Have you watched it? Will you be watching it?


10 thoughts on “Raving: The bridge

    • Have you watched any other Scandinavian TV shows or movies? Or was it just the bridge?

      I heard that there’s also a french-english version of the series as well (the tunnel) and even an american-mexican the bridge! have you seen those?

      • I haven’t watched the English language version, as I don’t think the original could be improved upon, it was that good. And Sofia Helin will always be Saga for me :)
        Same with the Millenium Trilogy films -Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, etc I’ve watched the originals, so I’m not too interested in the English language remake of the first one. If it was on tv I would probably watch it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it.
        I caught the first episode of Crimes Of Passion, but didn’t like that one. More like Agatha Christie or Midsummer Murders on an island. I started watching The Killing, that was good, but I was watching it on my mate’s shared Netflix, and he cancelled his subscription when I was only half way through it Grrr!!!!!!! I caught the very last series of Wallander, which was good. Moving too, it being the last one, and how it was ending.
        Movie wise, along with the ‘Tattoo Girl’ films I’ve seen Let The Right One In, and read all of Lindqvist’s books.
        Think that covers it for now! I love Swedish music too :)

  1. Well, probably showing my age here…Agnetha Faltskog, from Abba, was my original teenage crush. Yes definitely showing my age. Anyway, out of her solo stuff I love the earlier, Swedish albums. Give ‘Som Jag Ar’ and ‘Elva Kvinnor I Ett Hus’ a try.
    A bit more up to date, solo singers in Swedish: Veronica Maggio is great. Similar to her (but I’ve not heard much by her) is Melissa Horn, but I would recommend Veronica. There is also Laleh-she records in both English and Swedish.
    If it’s a male vocalist you want there is Joakim Gissberg.
    A good little group, more poppy, is Little Marbles.
    Swedes who record in English: Nonono are great. They’ve just released their first album, and their hit Pumping Blood is played everywhere. I listen to another group, less known over here, called Navet.
    There are the two sisters who make up First Aid Kit, they’ve got a new album out and have just appeared on the Jools Holland show.
    Tove Lo too, though I’m not too familiar with a lot of her stuff. Think that should do you for now, enjoy Spotify! When you’ve exhausted them, get back to me if you want anymore. There is a blog I follow called, I think, Swedes Are Sweet. The girl who writes it constantly introduces new stuff on there, and runs a Spotify and Soundloud playlist.
    The three I listen to the most are Agnetha, NoNoNo, and Veronica Maggio.

      • Okay no probs:) I left out the well known ones from when I was in high school like Europe (soft rock not my thing!) Nenah Cherry (she’s still going!) and two good groups Ace Of Base and The Cardigans. And who can forget Roxette? Ah the 80’s!
        There are loads of groups now like The Hives. I’m actually listening to Navet now. Anyway, must go. I expect a message from you:’They are all crap!’ Catch you later :)

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