Yay or Nay: Organizing bookshelves


Don’t you just love seeing all those beautiful pictures of the gorgeously arranged book collections people are putting online? I do in any case. There’s the color coded arrangement that’s definitely becoming a hugely popular way of organizing books, but obviously you can go for more conventional methods such as by author, genre, alphabetical etc. . But are you for or against very strict organization of your bookshelves?


Beautiful: Let’s stop denying the fact that organized bookshelves can be a beautiful thing. This doesn’t need more explanation than that.

Finding books: This is a pretty obvious one in my opinion, because the correct organization will help you find any book you want super quickly. You’ll know exactly where to look to show of your favorite books to your friends.

Knowledge: If you have a great organizational system to your bookshelves, you’ll probably know which books are on your shelf. Especially when you are getting quite the extensive collection this could really come in handy.


Choosing a system: I personally don’t have any kind of system to my bookshelves. I put the books where I can find the place, just in the cluster that I bought them in. How does one decide upon a kind of system to organize the shelves? And even if I could decide, how long would this decision stick?

New books: What do you do when you get new books? Do you leave gaps in your system to accommodate future books? Do you put the new books on a separate shelf until you have enough to warrant a new organizational system? Do you try to squeeze them in as they come? Do they end up dislodging your whole system?

So where do you stand in this discussion? Are you an avid fan of organized bookshelves or are you more haphazard in placing your books like me? Sharing of your bookshelves is allowed and even encouraged! I’ll add in a picture of my own bookshelves once I get home, so look out for that.


7 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Organizing bookshelves

  1. Mine are loosely organized by genre and author– but I dispute that real book people have trouble finding their books. Even on the more disorganized shelves I can find any book I own in seconds, and there are about fourteen or fifteen six-foot bookshelves in this house. :-)

    • I admit that I can find my books pretty well too, but it might be more easy for other people as well to find their way on bookshelves if they were more organized (in a conventional way, I don’t think color-coding would really help people)

      It sounds like you have a great collection of books, are they all ion the same room or scattered in the whole house/apartment?

  2. I like having mine split into hardcover and paperback, and then organized alphabetically by author. I used to leave gaps in the shelves in order to add new books, so I wouldn’t have to move them around all the time.

    I’m considering further splitting books into age groups, though, so all the adult would be together, all the young adult together, and all the middle grade together.

    I think organization makes it easier to other people to peruse your bookshelves. I can’t imagine, if you’re an avid reader, that you wouldn’t know where your own books are. Kind of like how messy people tend to be able to find what they need in their desk, even though no one else ever could.

    • So now you don’t leave gaps anymore? So how do you decide to integrate your new purchases in your system?

      I would also be more inclined to go for an alphabetical system, and the age groups could really make that more interesting as well. Good food for thought!

      • Oh, yeah, I guess that was ambiguous! I’m slowly integrating my books with my fiance’s and HE’S not leaving gaps. Which I’m sure he’ll/I’ll regret. He’s also doing crazy things with all my books because he doesn’t know whether they’re young adult, adult, or whatever and apparently just guesses instead of asking or looking them up. :p

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