Ranting, raving and rambling coming up

It’s about time that I finally made a feature around the name of my blog, right? The concept is pretty obvious, at least once a month I’ll either rave, rant or ramble about something on my mind.

I’ll start of this feature right here, right now with a ramble!

I find it hard to share many personal things on here, mostly because I’m unsure of where to draw the line. What is okay for sharing and what are some things to keep private? The line is different for everyone and I just haven’t found mine yet. But that might be more due to me not wanting to go out and look for that line. Instead I just didn’t share and left a lot of things unsaid. But no more of that! From now on I’ll try and share a bit more of myself and my life. I’m definitely not saying that this blog will become the Life and Times of Stefanie from now on, but getting a bit closer to my readers was definitely allowed. So here I go!

Hello, my name is Stefanie. I love reading, drinking tea, reblogging pictures of cute animals and doing artsy stuff. I’m not claiming to be good at the artsy stuff, but I really enjoy drawing, painting and quilting. Soon I’ll be sharing some of that here!

See you Thursday!

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