Before and during blogging

Or how my reading habits have changed since I first started blogging. I think it’s normal to change certain habits when something goes from being a super duper casual hobby to something slightly more serious in which you put a real effort. This is definitely something that happened to me since I started writing this blog about books. I really enjoy blogging but at times when I see these changes in myself, I’m not sure if I like all of them 100%. So, onto the changes:

Binge reading series

I used to do this all the time. I would get so hooked on a series and just read it in one fell swoop. There’d be nothing stopping me from reading the entire series in a couple of days, or even weeks depending on how many parts and pages that make up the whole. I would get so immensely sucked into this other world, become so invested in the story and the characters. It gave me an amazing rush. However, this is something I don’t really do that often any more, and especially not with longer series or a series with very chunky books. And in a way this kind of makes me sad, because I miss that overpowering urge to stick it out with certain characters. It also really helped to just get series finished, which is becoming a bit of a problem right now. The main reason that I started reading more outside of series is because I don’t feel comfortable reviewing one book after another, when they all fall within the same universe/series. It’s not fun for those who aren’t reading those books. And I still stand by this point, but I wish I could just plan ahead more so I could binge read again.

Thinking critically about books

Though you might not think of me as the most critical of reviewers, I have started thinking more about the books I read since I started blogging. It’s mostly because I need fodder for my reviews but also because I read so many other blogs and find myself comparing my opinion to other people’s. Sometimes someone will mention a thing they really hated about a certain book (certain words that were used too much, a character quality, a huge gaping plothole, etc.) and I will have just completely overlooked it but find myself agreeing with it in hindsight. Obviously it can go both ways, I can totally disagree with opinions I come across as well.

The ever-growing pile of books I need to read

Since I became interested in the book-blogging community my TBR pile has risen exponentially. It’s just insane to see how out of hand things have gotten. There’s a couple of different things that lead to this, namely my growing awareness of certain books coming out, friends on Goodreads reading books that sound interesting (making me add them to my TBR shelf) and requesting and receiving ARC’s. Plus I got into gaming as well, which is completely book-unrelated but it does really cut into time I could be spending with books. I’m more balanced now, but still, a smaller portion of my free time goes to reading these days.

A broader spectrum of genres

This is something that I love about the book-blogging community: the diversity in genres that becomes so overwhelmingly apparent. I used to have a quite narrow spectrum of books that I would pick up, mainly crime/detective stuff, but since I started snooping around the internet more I just wound up loving YA, but also really started enjoying romance books, and fantasy and sci-fi also found their way into my heart. Fairytale retellings were also completely new to me but I was instantly in love with them. This is something that has definitely changed my life for the better.

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