Clean Sweep ARC Challenge: progress report

Clean Sweep ARC Challenge 2014

As I mentioned earlier, I am participating in this clean sweep challenge during the month of May. So far I haven’t done great actually. When I started out I knew this wasn’t going to be easy for me because I’m a huge mood reader. Add to that my internship and the fact that I enjoy watching some League of Legends All Star matches (which are just epic at times!) and you can totally see why I’m not doing very well on this challenge. Because I’m not. SO far I’ve started two ARC’s (The Martian by Andy Weir and the Reluctant Jesus by Duncan Whitehead) , and have finished three non-ARC’s. I know it’s silly of me to pick up non-ARC’s at a time like this, in the middle of the challenge, but I just couldn’t help myself. These books were just calling my name. And to be fair, they are all part of the same series (Vampire Academy) and I’m just too hooked that it’s hard to not read them.

But, seeing as I’ve still got time to get my act back together by the end of the challenge I’m hoping to be able to pick up the pace on reading ARC’s. I just want to get some out of the way so that I can at least say to myself that I did what I joined the challenge for.


For more info about the challenge, click the logo or this link right here.


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