Review: Dracula–Bram Stoker


Bram Stoker

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Rain is pouring…  Not sure if this was really worth my time, must get an umbrella.

Goodreads summary:

The aristocratic vampire that haunts the Transylvanian countryside has captivated readers’ imaginations since it was first published in 1897. Hindle asserts that Dracula depicts an embattled man’s struggle to recover his “deepest sense of himself as a man”, making it the “ultimate terror myth”.

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So this is a whopper of a classic and I just really wanted to give it a go. I knew the basic story of course but I just wanted to know more. But boy, was this book a tough cookie to swallow at times. I mean, there were some parts in this book where I just had to really push myself to keep going and that doesn’t say a lot of good things about a novel. Pushing your way through a classic isn’t always a given, but it doesn’t make it fun to have it become reality.

While the main story arc was just fine, the pacing was off in my opinion. At times the story just seemed to fall flat, this usually happened when the perspective changed and there was a bit of overlap. But the writing was very good, especially when it was describing scenery and things of that strand. Sadly the character building was not up to speed. Most of the characters seemed very flat and one-dimensional. Especially considering the fact that the book was written in diary-perspective. It was especially disappointing to see Mina being shoved into a role of obedient wife who does anything and everything for her husband. My inner feminist found that very painful to read. And let’s not forget that Lucy became all things sinful which apparently is just being sexy.

All in all there were too many things about this book that I didn’t like for me to really enjoy the read. I wish I enjoyed it more because I really like the main storyline. And don’t we all just hope to secretly love the classics because somewhere deep inside you just want to understand why the book became a classic in the first place. Alas, I couldn’t really find my enthusiasm for classics in these pages.

So this is probably my comeback after my unofficial hiatus. Things just got a bit too busy with my internship and everything that comes with that. I wasn’t getting a whole lot of reading done and blogging just felt like a bit too much to handle . I’m sorry that I didn’t announce it, but things should be back to normal now. I hope you’ve had a great time while I’ve been gone!


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