Veronica Mars: The series, the movie, the legend

These past two weeks I binge-watched all things Veronica Mars. I know I’m a bit late to this party, seeing as the first season aired in 2004. What actually got me interested in this franchise was the fact that the Kickstarted for the movie was such a huge success. It raised more than 5.5 million dollars, and there were some people who really donated a lot of money to this cause. So if fans were this excited about getting the movie made, the series had to be good right? And so I started watching, every night I got home from my internship I would just start watching Veronica Mars. So let’s talk about all the things:

The seasons

The thing I loved the most in the first season was the time when  it took place, namely after a lot of things went down in Veronica’s life. You could see how she used to be and how she was now after Lily’s murder and everything that happened because of it. I loved that Lily’s murder case spanned the whole season but there were always little cases as well. In the second season there was another huge storyline, spanning the entire season while in the third and , sadly, last season there were multiple smaller story arcs. But while a lot of people are not a huge fan of the last season, I absolutely loved it. It was Veronica in a different setting and I think it worked really well. So let’s talk about the characters, all of them were so complex. Everyone just felt so real because no one was 100% perfect or even likeable. It just took the whole series to the next level. And let me just state right here and now that right from that first kiss I was firmly aboard the LoVe ship. I know it’s not a good romance for real life, but these actors just have so much on screen chemistry that it’s just a shame for them not to be together. And lastly I just wanted to mention that the father-daughter relationship between Veronica and Keith is just amazing!

The movie

This is the part where I was happy to be late to the party. I could watch the movie right after the seasons. I didn’t have to spend many years in agony of that ending of the third season (and the false promise of the season 4 trailer, which looked really epic by the way). I have to say that I’m really happy that this movie was made, even though I didn’t have to wait years and years for it to finally arrive. The story in this movie was good, the acting was very good and I can only imagine what it must have been like as a yearlong fan what it was to finally get this part of the story. I will say that this movie is slightly catered to the fans (which is completely normal seeing as they were the ones who paid for it to be made), especially in the way so many characters in the show made an appearance in the movie. There were also certain instances where I don’t think that someone who hasn’t seen the series would have understood the implications of things that were happening (they missed all of the build up from the seasons). But I do think this movie will still be enjoyable for those who have not seen the TV-show and might even get them to watch it too.

The legend

After having watched all this Veronica Mars has left me to fall into a big black hole now. My life feels empty without having a couple of episodes to look forward to. But I already have my next step planned out: the Veronica Mars book. The audiobook to be specific, because Kristen Bell is the one to narrate it. I mean, is there any other way to really enjoy a Veronica Mars novel than by hearing it being read to you by the actress who plays Veronica Mars? I don’t think so.

But all of this really did make me understand why so many people were willing to pay money to the Kickstarter campaign. If I had know about it before hand I probably would also have become a backer. Now I’m just left to hope that more Veronica Mars is coming our way. But I heard some things about a Dick Casablancas spin-off, so that might be something. Though I would really love for the season 4 trailer to be made into reality, even now that it’s a couple of years later.

Fun fact: The actor who plays Piz, Chis Lowell, went to a school I also attended for a couple of years. Obviously we’re years apart so I never met him. But I think it’s cool regardless.

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