Discussion: Reviewing Series

Now more than ever we are drowning in series (or at least that’s how it seems). More often than not new books tend to be part of trilogies instead of stand-alones. And while whether we like that or not is a separate discussion altogether, I’d like to talk about reviewing series. It’s something I’ve been thinking about more often these days, due to my reading more series as of late.

My great dilemma in this is the following: review the series book by book or review the series as a whole. Currently I review all of the books separately. And that’s exactly the reason why I am doubting this method. Because while reviewing the first book is all fine and dandy, by the third book I usually have a lot less to say about the books. I just notice that by every next book in the series I have less and less to say. Partly due to spoilers that I’m trying to avoid but also partly due to the fact that I have said certain things in previous reviews already.

So right now I’m starting to consider reviewing series as a whole. One larger review for all of the books. I think there’s definitely some merit there. But on the other hand, it does pose a problem for the series I can’t or don’t binge-read. How correctly will I be able to review a series as a whole if it’s been a couple of months/years since reading some of the installments?

Currently I’m still deciding. Perhaps your input will help me find my way Knipogende emoticon

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