Review: Where you are–J.H. Trumble

Where You Are
Where you are
J.H. Trumble

My rating:


Fog is coming…..  in the middle of the road on this book!

Goodreads summary:

When high school math teacher Andrew McNelin, after watching Robert Westfall, his best student, struggling, crosses the line between professional and personal, he knows that he and Robert are edging into a territory that holds incalculable risks for both.

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The theme in this book is definitely a heavy one. And I’m not talking about the gay factor of the story. While the relationship we are following in this book is of a homosexual nature I don’t think that we are really focusing on that facet of the relationship. In my eyes this book was talking more about the teacher-student relationship and the love with someone who is not yet of age. Perhaps other people see this differently, and if you do, please let me know in the comments. I love hearing your thoughts on this.

I read this book in an extremely short time, it was captivating, especially at first. You’re just waiting to find out what Andrew will do: follow his heart or follow his head. But about halfway through the book I started to see where this book would go and I was not pleased. I understand that this happens sometimes when you read books. You don’t always end up liking the way the story goes, and usually that’s okay. I would be able to appreciate other aspects of the story in a lot of other books. But due to the theme at hand in this book I wasn’t able to put those feelings aside. There was just a bit too much discomfort at the whole thing for me to be able to push it aside.

Apart from that I think this was a very well written book. I think it was great that this book was written with a dual perspective because it really showed that this attraction was 100% mutual. It did somewhat alleviate my discomfort, but not enough. Because somehow, and this is probably entirely my fault, I just couldn’t disengage the theme and its implications from reality. I understand that this is fictional but it could just as well be real and that’s what I’m so torn about.

Don’t worry, I’m aware that I’m pussyfooting around the topic here. But it has a reason, I just don’t want to spoil things too much. If you’ve read it then you’ll probably know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t than hopefully you’ll be picking up this book soon to talk to me about it afterwards! (And you won’t be too spoiled).


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