Review: Just Like Proper Grown-Ups -Christina Hopkinson

Just Like Proper Grown-Ups
Just Like Proper Grown-Ups
Christina Hopkinson

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Goodreads summary:

‘You don’t really grow up until you either have a kid or one of your parents dies.’
Glamorously carefree and nearing forty, Tess shows no sign of settling down. That is, until she drops a bombshell on four of her friends: she’s pregnant, and has chosen them as godparents.
Yet while they rally round the single mother, each one is struggling to face the realities of adulthood. Sierra may be only twenty-three but her mother is so irresponsible that she’s had to grow up fast. Michael is too busy searching for Mrs Right to worry about collecting the essential accessories of spice racks or investment saucepans, while Owen eases the pain of a mid-life identity crisis with a string of unsuitable fiancées. Only Lucy has the trappings and offspring of a proper grown-up, but is terrified of ageing.
On a challenging and hilarious journey through birth, Botox, bad sex and beyond, all five friends must discover that while growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional . . .

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The beginning of this book just left me feeling very confused. All of these people seemed to random, how could they ever be friends with the same person? And at times I even wondered how well they were even knew Tess, or at least how close they were with her. But in a way that got more clear throughout the book, but for me it was just never all that right. And though that kind of bothered me, I did enjoy the book more once I got to know everyone better. I liked the decision to show the story from everyone’s point of view except for Tess’s.

Though there were definitely parts of the book that I liked, even intrigued me, the whole didn’t hold my attention enough. I found myself zoning out at times because I was reading a part about things that just weren’t all that interesting and moving slow at that. But luckily that wasn’t all too often. The variety of everyone’s life did help to counter the slower parts as well.

I really enjoyed the main premise of the story, how this pregnancy is bringing a lot of very different people together. It was nice how we got to see these people and who they were originally and how they changed because they met each other. In general this was a good book, just not all of it. The slower parts really dragged down this book too much at times.

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