Rating inconsistencies

Perhaps you’ve noticed it yourself, or you remember me mentioning it a while back, but my ratings are terribly inconsistent. For the life of me I just cannot be any kind of objective when reviewing a book. Obviously it’s normal that reviewing a book is a subjective thing because I’m sharing my view on the book. And I just happen to see the world from my point of view; I have certain things that I like or dislike and it’s my experiences and preferences that taint my review. So why am I saying that I’m inconsistent when it comes to rating? Not only does my rating of books change over time (the moment right after reading it my rating will be very impulsive, after a couple of hours or even days my rating will be more critical) but it also depends on my mood as to when I read the book. Or just even the general mindset that I’m in when I read the book. For example, I recently read a romance book that I would have loved a couple of months back, but right now I’m sort of tired of the genre and just couldn’t really like it the way I would have back when I was enjoying the genre.

Seeing as my ratings are shaky at best I’ve decided to switch to a non-star rating system here on my blog. I will still be keeping my star-ratings on goodreads, but that’s just for the sake of having sort of an idea of how well I liked the book. On my blog I will be using a system that employs crystal balls, forecasting the weather. They were originally used by Angela @Angela’s Anxious Life  and she’s been generous enough to let me use them on here! (Thanks again Angela!)

So without further ado here is the new rating system and what each rating means.

Sun is shinning!!!  Great day to go outside and read this book.


Clouds are covering! A read that lets me down every now and then but peaks out of the clouds!

Fog is coming…..  in the middle of the road on this book!


Rain is pouring…  Not sure if this was really worth my time, must get an umbrella.


Thunder is booming!! Run inside and don’t bother reading!

For me these ratings are a lot more clear-cut than the star system because stars can just be applied in so many different ways. Especially if I look at multiple books that have received the same number of stars and they just can’t be compared, it goes to show how stars don’t hold enough meaning for me. Or their meaning is just not defined well enough in my head. Hopefully these beautiful crystal balls will help me be more consistent in rating books in the future.

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