Yay or Nay: ARC’s

ARC’s or Advanced Reading Copies are not a rare sight these days. They are being distributed to the masses(in the book blog/vlog atmosphere anyway) through sites such as Netgalley and Edelweiss, or even physical copies by the publishers themselves. It gives the reader the chance to read books before they are being released to the public and this way the reader/blogger can create a hype about a book before it’s even in the stores. It really is a smart system, but as great at is sounds, it does have it pitfalls. Let’s take a look at both sides.



Free books: This is just one of the biggest perks about ARC’s in my eyes. Book-owning is a costly hobby and this way you can really cut back on buying books. But be aware of the fact that the ARC’s are often not the final draft of the book, there might still be some typo’s or lay-out issues going on in the book (especially in the e-book format).

Getting new books before they hit the stores: This is pretty cool as well, I mean, we all have those books that we’ve just been dying to read but it’s not out yet! Though you will not receive ARC’s of every book you want to read, it does improve your chances to be one of the first people to read the new book. Especially if you follow what will be coming out in the close future this can be really fun because you will just have to wait a little less long than all the others. And this way it’s harder to be spoiled on things as well!

It’s easier to try new genres: I will start off by saying that since I don’t live in a country where the national language is English it’s hard to find a lot of variety in the English books in the libraries. Especially if you’re looking to read new books that are being talked about on the internet. And since I love reading books in the language in which they were originally written (if that’s within my possibilities) I will try to do so. Having this option of requesting books from other genres so you can read them for free helps me hugely in this case. I used to be pretty narrow-minded when it came to genres, I liked thrillers and detectives and some paranormal YA. And that was fine, but now that I can easily pick up books without thinking to much about it, I have started picking up books from all of the genres (sci-fi, fantasy, non-fiction, etc.). And it’s been very nice so far.


Too many books: I know this is really my own fault, but I have just too many ARC’s to really keep up with them now. At first I just didn’t expect that many people would agree to send me a digital ARC, so I started requesting a lot of books. And then to my immense surprise a lot of them accepted. Not all, thank the Book gods for that one, because as it is, I’m already drowning in books. And the thing is, there are still books coming on Netgalley that I want, so the pile is ever-growing. Though I really try to make headway with reading and reviewing the ARC’s.

Obligation to review: So now that you have received all of these glorious books you are sort of feeling obligated to review them. I mean, they sort of expect you to do so, and if you’re honest you, as a book blogger, also feel the need to talk about the books that you have read. But it can become a bit daunting to see that huge piles of books that you should be reading and reviewing while Charlie and the chocolate factory is calling your name from the back of the shelf.

Keeping track of all the deadlines: I will be honest and just mention that I hardly do this. Usually when you request an ARC they will ask to publish your review of the book within a certain time around the publishing date of the book. And I just fail at keeping my eye on these dates and I just have so many books on backlog. But I am a firm believer in the whole “better late than never” thing and I’ll just do things at my own pace. Praising a book after the publishing date can even recreate the buzz if you’re a really great reviewer.


Do you request ARC’s? Why or why not? Do you have a blogpost about this on your own blog? Feel free to link them below in the comments because I’m really interested in getting a conversation going. I know a lot of people are either really for the whole ARC-stuff and some people are really not a fan of this.

15 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: ARC’s

  1. I don’t request ARCs simply because I don’t ever want to feel pressure to read something. I’m a pretty capricious reader, and even if I had been dying to read something three weeks ago, I might be more interested in reading something else once I finally received an ARC.

    That said, I do accept a handful. I currently have a copy of The Grimm Chronicles, VOl. 3 because I received ARCs of the first two books and immensely enjoyed them. I’ve also accepted various other books in the past. And if a publisher/author came along and offered me an ARC of a book I really wanted to read anyway, I would take it. I guess I don’t generally seek out ARCs, but I am willing to choose pickly among ARCs pitched to me.

    (Sad story, though: An acquaintance offered me an ARC of Cress today if I lived close to her–but it turns out I don’t, and I had to turn it down!)

    • It totally happens to me all the time that I request a book and by the time I get it, I’ve gotten obsessed about something else. But that doesn’t mean that one day I won’t want to pick up the previous books again. So that’s just not enough to stop me. Though sometimes it would slow down my requesting rate a bit more because being selective (as you can be due to some magical self-discipline!)when requesting could be a life-saver. I keep trying to curb my own enthusiasm when it comes to requesting ARC’s.

      And don’t you hate it when you really really really want that one ARC, and that turns out to be the one you can’t have!

      • I actually just joined Netgalley yesterday, so we’ll see how well my self-control stands up to that! For now, I’ve requested two books (which I may not even get, of course!).

        • That was my problem at first, I had the idea that pretty much no one would give me an ARC, so I thought why not request a lot of books so I’m sure I’ll get some. And then I got loads of books :p

  2. I’ve just started to get into the ARC scene, and I already understand what you mean about being over-booked (Haha, I thought that one was good. :P)
    It’s just so hard when I have all these books I have to read, but I really just want to read something else.

    • I love your pun! I love puns in general, and being book-related just makes them better.
      I do have my fair share of guilt when it comes to my ARC’s. You just feel like reading that certain book, even though it can even be a re-read (I love re-reading books!) and that just has the tendency to make you feel sort of bad about it. But I’m trying to stop the guilt because it’s just not fun to feel guilty so often!

      • The pun was totally accidental. I’m not very witty, so I’m feeling totally pro right now. :P
        I love re-reading books, too! Despite the fact that I have a jillion other things to read, I still re-read my favourites. And you’re right – books are meant to be enjoyable, so way all the stress and guilt?

        • I know, I have a lot of books that I re-read pretty often. And sometimes you just look at your shelves and see that book that you loved and you just want to get that feeling again (especially after you’ve just read a couple of books that were less good it becomes super hard to resist this urge!).
          Book guilt is a very annoying feeling and very unnecessary at that too. So I really am trying to just not have it anymore, because I read to have fun and book guilt can totally get in the way of that.

  3. I don’t request ARC. I might do that in the future, though, idk. I don’t like the idea of having deadlines too. I usually post reviews whenever I feel like it. Also, the obligation to write positive reviews (I feel the need of doing so because I might break their (authors) hearts if I write a negative review. I tend to be snarky in my 1-2 stars review, but that’s just me).

    I’m sorry if it sounds confusing, English isn’t my first language.

    P/S: Libraries here, in my place, aren’t up-to-date with English books at all. Most of them are from the 1960s. The most recent English book I found is published in 2005 and that is only a few. This is just me agreeing to your library point, hehe.

    • As I said,I don’t really take in account when I’ll have to review them. I don’t like the deadlines either! And I really don’t think you should be bothered about being honest about the books you read. I have read ARC’s that I didn’t like and I reviewed them. I just stay fair when I do review them and stay away from insulting the writer. That’s all that needs to be done, you get those arc’s for honest reviews, not positive reviews. Just don’t be too mean about it ;)

      And the library thing really bugs me, because books are expensive!

  4. I love ARC’s! They are a huge part of why I book blog. Free books and early copies, that just makes my little book heart jump for joy. Yes I get carried away at times but I always get around to reviewing them. Like you I don’t see the publication date as a ‘use by’ date but rather a guideline, one I try to stick by but if it slips a little I don’t feel guilty either. I think the pros outweight the cons everyday and if it all gets a little crazy it’s easy to pull back for a few months and just get the job done :)

    • I do really they they are worth it too. You just have to find a right way to deal with them and then you’re off on an epic relationship with the ARC’s :)

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