Review: Hollywood Holidays- D.D. Scott

Hollywood Holidays

(Home for the Holidays, Book 1)
D.D. Scott
My rating:

2 star

Goodreads summary:

Socialite Harper Cantwell wants more out of life than being Briar Creek, Tennessee’s philanthropic queen. Her husband Grant is a financial stud, but he’s also an emotional dud. Tired of being nothing more than his glorified event planner, she leaves him. Hoping to find herself in the creative excitement and sizzle of the holidays in Hollywood, she meets Jake Benton. One of Tinsel Town’s ultimate players, Jake doesn’t waste any time letting her know he’s interested—very interested. In spite of Jake’s hot advances, it’s Grant she can’t forget. But sacrificing herself for any man is no longer part of her party plan.

Ultra-conservative businessman Grant Cantwell III doesn’t completely understand why Harper left. He misses her terribly but is clueless how to get her back. He gets a real wake-up call when Harper’s best, gay friends tell him he’s an idiot for losing her. Under the tutelage of their company Chick Tricks Inc., Grant is soon on their fast track program, “How to Please a Woman.” But Grant needs more than just a few tricks. He must learn to open his heart instead of his wallet, before Madison gives up on him forever and runs into the open arms of Hollywood’s premier gigolo.

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I was so ready for this book, it’s all about the holidays and I just wanted to get in that Christmas mood in time for the holidays! But this book did not really exude that cozy atmosphere. I understand that it doesn’t snow (or is even remotely cold) around this time of the year all over the world. But For me that’s really just what I think about when about when I’m talking about Christmas. And that just took away so much from this book that I was expecting. Add to that the fact that the story didn’t quite gel with me. The whole premise seemed fine at first, but the further I got into the story the less I liked it.

Harper was not my friend during the course of this book. It’s not her fault, it’s just that I just couldn’t get into her head. I understand that people make rash decisions sometimes, and that’s okay. But some of it seemed very hard to believe as well as just making me feel disconnected from the story. The fact that she is still so financially secure because of her husband’s continuing to giving her an apparently large monthly allowance. That just seemed so out there and I think that this didn’t even cause Harper to change situations all that much. I’m not saying that leaving her husband isn’t big, I just think the change would have been even bigger if she just had a more limited fund at her disposal. Grant was cute in the way that he was trying so hard and I liked that. But other than that I didn’t really feel that I got to know him throughout the book.

As I mentioned before, the premise just couldn’t hold its own throughout the book in my opinion. There was not enough body to it and it got a bit boring towards the ending. It’s an okay read, but this is really not a book you should pick up for the storyline. This is a very relaxing read in the sense that you just have to think very little to get through the book. And seeing as I didn’t really have a connection to this story, it just left me wanting more: more story, more character development, more struggle, more emotions and above all more holiday spirit!


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