Review: Happy Endings Book Club- Jane Tara

The Happy Endings Book Club
Happy Endings Book Club
Jane Tara

My rating:

3 star

Goodreads summary:

This Christmas, the women of the Happy Endings Book Club are about to uncover a world of love and magic as they discover how to have their own happy ending or beginning, as they’re often the same thing.
Once a month, seven very different women come together to discuss books. They all love a happy ending, but have lost sight of how to get their own. Paige misses glimpsing the magic in the world. Sadie doesn’t see the beauty inside people. Amanda wonders what she ever saw in her ex husband. Tilda literally can’t see herself. Michi can’t bear looking at her family, while Clementine is blind to what’s right in front of her. And Eva looks for romance in all the wrong places.
But things are about to change …
Meet the women of the Happy Endings Book Club as they celebrate Christmas, and themselves, in London, Paris, Vienna, New York, Sydney and in love.

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I’ll be very upfront with you guys, I loved this book for it’s cover and the name appealed to me as well (as long as you don’t think towards the direction of happy endings after a massage). And then I read the synopsis and I was even more stoked to start reading this book. They mentioned magic and love, and if I’m honest I thought the magic would be related to the love. You know, in the way that love is just a very magical thing to happen to us. That’s not the sort of magic that was, so that was a disappointment because I was stupid enough to have expectations about this that just didn’t come true. But after a while it didn’t bother me all that much anymore. A thing that did bother me was that this book never really went very deep, to the heart of the matter if you will. There were times when things got close to being less than shallow, but then it quickly switched gears and went for something else.

The characters in this book were many, seeing as everyone had their own personal storyline. It’s obvious therefore that certain characters appealed to me more than others. I enjoyed the times when the main characters were all together and talking about the goings-on in their lives, and this just happened far too little. I wanted more book-club chats! This book felt a little like a collection of short stories with a flimsy connection written to have them in the same book. I would have enjoyed it more, I imagine, if there had been a more solid overlap between these stories. These characters could have all used a more elaborate storyline in which they could have been written to a greater extent. I would have loved the book more for it.

A quick read, that’s definitely how you could describe this book. It stayed very much on the surface, and that’s perfect for a short book. However I really will stress again that I would have the book if it was twice at long and read more about everything. I wanted more depth, more story, more emotion. There was potential for these in every storyline, and yet it just didn’t go there. It’s not that this book was bad, it’s just that for me it held a lot of promise and could have really gone for more than this.

This is the point where I’ll end my review because I feel as if I’m just repeating the same things all over again. If you are looking for a light and enjoyable read, do check out this book. Let me know your thoughts about this if you’ve read this book as well.

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