Review: The Pentrals – Crystal Mack

The Pentrals (The Pentrals, #1)
The Pentrals

(The Pentrals, #1)

Crystal Mack

My rating:

5 star

Goodreads summary:

Picture your life without free will.

No choice. No voice. No personal direction.

For 17 years, it’s the only path I’ve known. Always a follower, never in control, I am an afterthought, burying my impulses as I bend to the whims of another. I dream of someone taking notice-of falling in love and being kissed. But I probably never will.

My name is Antares. I am a Shadow.

Deep in a secluded canyon lies Talline, a metropolis of mirrors filled with forces called Pentrals that outline our very existence. Antares, Pentral Class Two, took an oath to act without influence—to echo without opinion. But in a cruel twist of fate, she must watch as Violet, her person, encounters a tragedy that will change both their lives forever. When Violet starts making careless choices, Antares can no longer remain a silent silhouette. She won’t allow lost friendships, broken hearts, or those mysterious menaces looking out from the glass to tear apart Violet’s very being. In doing so, Antares unknowingly crosses forbidden boundaries and ends up illuminating a darkness much deeper than her own.

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As is made obvious by my rating for this book, I really enjoyed it. This was a sort of paranormal-y book, but then again not really. Or at least definitely not in the usual sense of the word (no vampires, werewolves or elves or anything of the sort). Instead this book follows the story of Antares, who is the shadow of a person. This itself was a pretty unique concept, I mean it’s unlike anything I had ever heard of. Which just made me very happy to know that there are still a lot of really original and  creative people out there. Right away I was sucked into this story because it was well-written and very refreshing.

Normally I’m not a fan of special names, and let’s be honest: Antares is pretty strange as a name. I had never heard it before and was ready to hate it. But then the explanation as to where that name came from followed and I just couldn’t dislike it. I’m still not a huge fan, but I like the reasoning behind it and it really does fit the situation. I really loved the way that Antares had such a special view of the world and how it was brought into the story. The way she connected with other characters in the book was very interesting, because her outlook on life was so different.

The story itself was a lot of fun to follow and it truly held my attention all the way trough. I was also instantly just sucked into the story because it was really something new. There was also a good flow in the writing, it allowed you to be drawn into the story unhindered by awkward writing. In the course of the story there is some romance stuff, but I think it’s handled very well. It felt like a natural thing instead of being incredibly forced just for the sake of the story.

I really am looking forward to reading the next book in the series and hope that it will be on par with this first installment;

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