Review: Dan Taylor is giving up on women–Neal Doran

Dan Taylor Is Giving Up on Women
Dan Taylor is giving up on women
Neal Doran

My rating:

5 star

Goodreads summary:

Perpetually single Dan Taylor is so terrible at meeting women his own mother suspects he might be gay. So best friends – and smug married couple – Hannah and Rob insist he needs some serious man management. Taking matters into their own hands, they decide to make him their ‘Project’ and set to work on finding him a girlfriend – one that might actually stick around long enough to meet his mother. A new wardrobe, a better haircut and a slick online profile later and an unwitting Dan is ready to be launched on the London dating scene. But miracles don’t just happen, and when he does achieve some success with women, it’s not in the way anyone expected. “Neal Doran is a very funny writer” — John O’Farrell. “A big-hearted breath of hilarious fresh-air, Dan Taylor Is Giving Up On Women is a tender, touching and terrifically funny debut. The crises, the crushes and the cringes of an honest and sharp look at a very modern romance, treat yourself.” — Richard Asplin, author of T-shirt and Genes.

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This book reminded me a whole lot of Bridget Jones’s diary, only centered around a man. It made me laugh out loud numerous times and right from the beginning as well. This story drew me right in with it’s witty conversations and interesting characters. I really enjoyed reading this tale about Dan Taylor and his quest to find love. This greatly influenced the speed by which I read this book, which was pretty fast. This was Neal Doran’s first book and when he gets around to writing a second one, I’m picking it up when it comes out.

There were a lot of things in this book which I really enjoyed, such as the characters, the writing, the plot and the way it was built up. All of these elements worked really well together and they formed a great story. I will admit that there were a couple of times in the book when something funny or interesting was happening and there continued to be these tangents sprouting up, keeping the story from moving forward. And all the while I was just wishing to find out what would happen next. But in a way I guess that’s a mark of good penmanship, making your readers crazy from wanting so desperately to find out what happens next.

Dan is a very well-rounded person in the book as are his friends. They are far from perfect but so is everybody. These flaws also help you connect with the story that much quicker. Dan with his horrible inability to act normal under stress and the couple who have dubbed Dan their new project to keep their own life fresh. It all just made you feel for these people.

There aren’t a lot of reviews up on goodreads for this book yet, but the ones that are say that this is a lighthearted book. I will agree that the start of this book was very light-hearted, but I found that the second half of the book was more than talking about funny escapades in the dating world. It became a bit more serious and I loved that it did. It gave this book more depth and nestled it even further in reality. I did think that the cover feels more related to the first part of the book than the second. I realize that this is one of the first times that I discuss a book cover in relation to the story at hand. And now you know why: I just don’t have that much to say about it.


4 thoughts on “Review: Dan Taylor is giving up on women–Neal Doran

    • Wow, you really keep up with what’s being said about your book :) Hope the other reviewers liked your book as well, because it deserves a lot of praise! And props to you for writing my name right ;)

  1. Great reading… lost in the pages until my daughter nudged me on the plane and told me to stop laughing so much (as everyone kept looking)
    I’m not a bookworm but i have bought ” Not what they were expecting”
    Great stuff Neal, keep reeling them out

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