Review: Stonefly – Scott J. Holliday


(Jacob Duke #1)

Scott J. Holliday

My rating:

5 star

Goodreads summary:

Jacob Duke has come back to Braketon­—a sleepy, backwoods town bordering Dover, the mental institution where he spent his formative years. Jacob’s intention is to enjoy Braketon’s woods and water for the first time as a free man, but he soon discovers that Dover isn’t through with him yet. Driven by a curse that compels him to grant any wish he hears, Jacob is drawn back into his disturbing former life by a young boy’s desire to see his own father dead.
Complicating things are Lori Nelson, Jacob’s friend-with-benefits who continues to put new boyfriends in his path, and Motown, Jacob’s friend from his years at Dover, who carries a secret that rocks Jacob’s foundation and makes him question his own morality.

Stonefly is a suspense thriller that rockets to a surprising, but satisfying end. Stay tuned for the second book in the series, entitled Broken Horizon.

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How I loved this book! This was definitely like a breath of fresh air, one that was long overdue as well! From the moment I started reading this book I was completely hooked. I really liked the idea on which this story was based, I mean: a real life Genie/jinn. That’s definitely a topic I’ve never read about before. Things that I really enjoyed about this book were the characters, the storyline, the writing, the fact that it will continue in a second book, actually just about everything. I don’t have a doubt in my mind about reading the next book in the series when it comes out.

Jacob isn’t the most average of people, but you soon start understanding why. He has a very difficult life and has had an even worse youth. In my opinion his character really just worked for me. What was written about him in the present concurred with the things in his past, at least that’s how I perceived it. Just like Jacob, Lori was a complex yet still likeable character. What I also really liked was how the characters interacted with each other. These conversations and meet-ups felt very realistic.

The story was just grand! It was paced just right, you never pit this book down voluntarily. It continuously kept me guessing about what would be happening while marveling at this epic tale. This book just demanded to be read once you had glanced at the first page and it was a wonderful feeling. It has been a longtime since I’ve read a book that intrigued me this much and it felt great to have this experience. And now onto the next topic: the writing. This beautiful prose just lifted this story to the next level for me. Scott Holliday is a true master of the written word, the way he can so effortlessly go from present to past and back again or just pulling you along with Jacob on his quest to fulfill this wish. And how he keeps this book pretty lighthearted is another great feat. Many a great writer would struggle with keeping this book away from the deep and dark themes that are buried in between the lines.

“Broken Horizon” is the next book in this series and I’m keeping my eyes peeled for it! And so will you once you pick up this masterwork and give it a read.


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