Discussion: Endings

Every book has to end, it’s a fact of life. Even if you decide to not really finish up the story, there will always be that one sentence or that one word which is the last in the book. So I think it’s pretty safe to say that there can be a bit of pressure about finding that right way to end your book as an author. Because people really care about the ending.

Here are my thoughts on endings:

I don’t really mind open endings but I guess I lean towards closed endings a bit more. It doesn’t have to be so completely tied up that I know what everyone ever in the book is up to after their epic adventure. But I do like to have a bit of an idea in which the ending goes, be it positive or negative.

Endings that don’t stand in line with the rest of the story really suck in my opinion. I bet we’ve all been there, that book which you loved all the way until you came to the ending. It was rushed or too lengthy or perhaps it didn’t fit well with the rest of the story. This really pisses me of and I always start wondering why this has happened? Is it the editor pushing for a quick ending? Or has the author just lost the inspiration for a fuller ending? I will never be sure about the why of a crappy ending and this only frustrates me more.

For me endings are very important on a few levels. The first level is definitely the obvious one: it’s the last thing you’ll probably read about these characters (unless it’s in the middle of a series or suddenly some sequels are announced) and I want it to be good. Let’s call it “saying goodbye in style”. It doesn’t have to be a happy ending, it doesn’t have to be super long, it just needs to be good! On the second level an ending is just the last thing you read in the book. And for me that means that whatever I feel about the ending will contribute A LOT as to my general thoughts about the book. I try very hard not to let the ending spoil the rest of the book but sometimes it’s just hard to get over an extremely bad ending.

Have you ever read a book which was ruined by the ending? Or are you able to like the book no matter how horrible you thought the ending was? Are you a fan of open endings or do you prefer things to be nicely wrapped up when finishing a book?

Let me know what you think about endings below!

7 thoughts on “Discussion: Endings

    • Do you like books less if they have a more open ending? And have you ever read a book with a closed ending where you just felt as if the ending was not at all what you wanted?

      • Not that I like them less, but I find it a bit annoying if I’m completely honest, as the story, or that particular one, isn’t really finished is it? And I’ve never been a fan of bringing out something if it isn’t actually wrapped up and done. Of course there can be room for more stories in the tale, but if buy something, then I don’t want to have to buy a subsequent release just to figure out what happen to whoever.

        Notes on a Scandal (there’ll be a review of that on inkposts in due time) I wasn’t at all satisfied with the ending, I wanted more and still think there was at least another chapter needed to really finish the book.

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