Movie night : The Other Woman

Hello and welcome to something new! Now I’ll chat about movies I saw from time to time. For me this is just a bit of banter about whatever movie I saw which I either liked or disliked. This is nothing as formatted or complete as my reviews.

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits (2009) Poster

This movie started of a bit strange, it even made me a little uncomfortable. Seeing how poorly Amelia was coping with William, her stepson, it was painful to watch.  But the longer the movie went on, the clearer it became as to why things were happening this way. There is just so much more going on under the surface and it was interesting to find out what.

Having just said that this was a good movie doesn’t mean that this was a happy movie. It made me cry on several occasions, though I do admit to crying very easily during movies. But I like a sad movie from time to time. Definitely not every day or if I’m nit in a certain mood. But I really can enjoy a good sad movie from time to time. And perhaps it’s strange to say this, but I like the way it makes me feel afterwards. It’s hard to describe that feeling but I guess it’s sort of pensive combined with a strange form of nostalgia to something I never had. That probably doesn’t make a lot if sense but I don’t think I’ll get much closer.

I liked the actors, I liked the story and I liked the movie. But I fully well understand that this movie is not something everyone will like. But if you decide to watch it, don’t get stuck on the beginning. Just stick with it a little while longer and you’ll find this story and its characters growing on you. Or at least that’s how I experienced this movie.


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