Day 15: Mentors & the end

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

Challenge 15 is one of the challenges that I was dreading a little since first reading a list. It’s not because I have so many mentors that I can’t pick one. It’s that I don’t really have any, just as I don’t have a real friend group online either. This is just so tied with challenge number three for me. But I really don’t want to just end the last challenge with a fizzling disappointment, so I’ll give you some of the bloggers that I religiously read and look up to.

  • The Book Rat: I found her through youtube and I love her videos but sometimes they get a bit lengthy. That’s why I love her blog, I love reading more than watching vlogs so that really helps. I also have to say that she really does a lot of stuff on her blog even though she really has to put a lot of effort in.
  • A bookish heart: I love her discussions and the pure honesty dripping from her reviews. They are also always extremely insightful and worked out very well.
  • good books and good wine: pretty much the same as above. She has great rants as well. I love it!
  • Between the lines is an endless story: I especially love her as well because she tends to review books in a non-snarky way. I enjoy that as well because it’s less harsh sometimes. She just has a very pleasant writing style as well. And she reviews some of the same books which is a nice way to compare notes. But she also reads things that I’ve never even heard of, making me want to check them out!

This is the end of the 15 day blogging challenge and it was a lot of fun. Some challenges were a lot easier than others, some more interesting as well. But all in all I think this was a good way for me to break away from reviewing, even if it was just for a little while. I hope that this challenge has also helped people to get a little more insight into me as a person. Because I think that knowing the person behind a blog helps you see whether they have the same taste in books as you, or the same habits. It makes it clear whether you will like the same books they did or not at all. But on the other hand I’m happy that I’ll be going back to regular blogging starting next week. This challenge made me post a lot more than I usually do and I realize that this is just too much for me. Daily blogging is not for me. Biweekly blogging however is exactly my thing. So look out for that!

12 thoughts on “Day 15: Mentors & the end

  1. That was a lovely surprise to see my name there, thank you! Yes I’m not snark, it doesn’t feel right to me. I do dislike books and give low ratings but I try to explain exactly why. And I love that I make you want to check out different books. My work is done! LOL
    I enjoyed your series and learnt some new facts too. I never knew you were in Belgium for some reason I thought you were in the US.
    I think I might do this sometime too but I will probably spread it out as doing it everyday seems like a lot of work!

    • That’s exactly why I like your reviews, indeed no snark. But I think the honesty goes very far as well. Plus, I’m just not always in the right mood to read a snarky review. Especially if I liked the book and you didn’t. Then it’s doubly nice to not read a snarky review about it ;)

      It is a lot of work to do daily blogs, and it’s just not for me. I like all the work that I put into this blog but I want it to be just a hobby. And daily updates makes it feel a bit too much like work for me.

      I’m very happy that you learned some new things about me. Perhaps you thought I lived in the US because that’s where I lived and I learned English there as well. So I imagine that my English would be slightly tainted with that experience.

      If you decide to do this challenge, I’ll definitely be checking it out oon your blog.

      PS is there any way to subscribe by e-mail to your blog because I just don’t check the other subscription methods often enough to keep up with all your blogposts…

  2. I’m with Trish! I was surprised to see my name here. I didn’t even know you follow my blog so to see my name pop up was a pleasant surprise! Thanks :) I’m glad you like my reviews and discussions! I definitely try to be honest. Otherwise what’s the point of reviewing a book? And oh yes, blogging daily is crazy! I do it myself, but will be cutting back once I go to university. But hey, at least you gave it a go ;)

    • I imagine that you weren’t very aware of my following mainly because I tend to be the quiet kind of follower. That’s probably also why I haven’t gotten into contact with many other bloggers. It’s not so much that I don’t want to comment, but more that I don’t have anything to add to what you have already said in the review.

      Honest reviews are the best ones and I actually hope that everyone tries to be honest while reviewing. But in your reviews it’s just so apparent that you mean every word you say, it’s a lot of fun to read :)

      I applaud your ability to blog daily, how do you even have the inspiration to keep going every day? I already feel as if there’s not a lot I have let to say :p

      • I appreciate all my followers, even the quiet ones, so thank you! Even if you have nothing to add, I’m at least glad you take the time to stop by when you feel like it. I always wonder who the quiet ones are ;)

        I blog daily only because that’s my personality. I tend to be an all-or-nothing type of person, so as much as there are days that I would like to cut back I often find I can’t because my brain won’t let me. I will be cutting back to five days a week when university starts, but we’ll see how my mind handles that.

        It’s definitely hard! I am constantly coming up with new feature ideas to share and I have documents that just contain lists of discussion ideas, finds ideas, etc. I go through phases of wanting to write a post and not, so when I get into one I usually bust out as many as I can. As of right now I’m done with August besides a couple of posts I’m not able to write in advance, and am working on September. Getting ahead is the only way I survive!

        • Five days a week is still a lot though, How do you get your reading done if you are so tied up with the blogging? I mean, I know that I do a lot more reviews than most. I just can’t seem to get into memes that much. It’s not that I don’t want to get into them, it’s just that I never seem to have enough to say about the topic at hand.

          How do you manage to plan all of these things so far ahead :o You’re done with August already? I’m still deciding what I should blog about on monday!

          • I don’t get a lot of reading done! That’s why I only post one review a week. But, it’s not like my blogging is taking away from my reading. I usually would only read one or two books a week before blogging because I would fill my time with other nonsense like TV. I don’t like plowing through books that fast.

            Yeah, that’s my biggest thing. I seem to have a lot to say about everything. I’m not sure why. I just like to talk. >.> I’ve actually stopped participating in memes but I do a lot of random features that interest me, and I usually have no problem blabbing on when I do them.

            Yup, besides my recap posts and my Bookish Games post which I can’t do until the day of, I’m done. I’m actually in the process of writing my discussion posts for September! I guess I’m just full of ideas?! I don’t know. I just feel like it’s less stressful for me to have them all done in advance!

            • It’s certainly less stressful to plan ahead but I have such a hard time to actually get around to writing the reviews and such before I actually have to post them. For example, at this time I have about 7 books that I’ve read and not yet reviewed, so that would be great if I could just already get to writing the actual reviews! But I have a hard time going from my notes to the finished product if I know I’m still swimming in a sea of time (procrastination is definitely a thing that I do).

              Maybe getting things done will just have to be my summer resolution (just like it is every year, but who knows what this year might bring, right?)

  3. I tend to blog a lot too usually 6 days a week, often 7 but I’m OK if it only happens once or twice too. For now I seem to have loads to say but I might not always feel the same and I just want it to stay a fun hobby so I’ll just see how it develops. I don’t have email but I will look at adding it.
    One thing I would suggest is twitter, its great for making bloggy friends. Just jump in, I know its hard but its a great way to get to know bloggers and I get a lot of visitors from there.
    I don’t see a twitter icon but if you are there already let me know and I will follow you. And if twitter isn’t for you, no worries just a suggestion :-)

    • I do have twitter, I just don’t use it at all. I also had instagram but I deleted that after having it four about four months and having only uploaded five pictures.
      I just have no clue what I should tweet about, I feel weird posting about the small things in my life to the internet at large…

      • I know! I don’t post a lot of personal stuff, I just tend to chat about books. Once you start joining in, it gets easier, I promise! I still feel awkward at times though and just say nothing!
        Even just tweeting the link to your posts gets more traffic though.

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