Day 14: deal-breakers

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

We all have those things that when you read it in a book, it makes us angry. Here is my list:

**quick disclaimer: all of these things bug me about 90% of the time, but of course there are exceptions when I don’t. This is usually in really good books written by great authors**

  • Weird names for the sake of being weird/special. I can also add to this that I really, really don’t like the fact that (especially in contemporary novels) everyone needs to have a nickname. And most of the time it doesn’t even make a lot of sense to constantly use the nickname because the character’s actual name isn’t that much longer. For example: Mer as a nickname is not okay if the character is called Merry. However if it were Meredith I could see the point of a nickname. If the name is easy to say and not very long, just stick with that instead of forcing the nickname.
  • Boring characters. You know, the ones that have no personality or have no life outside of their friends or boyfriend or whatever. Or the very stereotypical characters that have no real role in the story except for their very specific role (read: a jock, a token black kid, a ditz, etc.)
  • Trends in books. I mean this in the sense that certain things seem to come in waves. Suddenly ALL THE GUYS have crooked smiles or a British accent or something. I just notice that there these trends that kick in, especially in YA books that were published around the same time. I don’t mind a guy having any of these things, but it becomes boring if it’s the third protagonist in a row to have one.
  • Tough subjects brought in bad ways. If you can’t handle a tough subject (for example: rape, drugs, etc.) don’t do it. There are books that try to go there but just can’t go the distance. They portray it too lightly or very one-sided. The worst however is when they just skim over certain bad things while focusing on another issue.
  • Romance being the main storyline in non-romance books. I like reading a romance book from time to time. What I’m not looking for however is that book that promises me a lot of sci-fi space battles to revolve around the silly girl falling for the captain. If the synopsis gets me ready for a historic epic war-tale that is what I want. I’m not saying that there can’t be a bit of romance involved. I am a sucker for cute stuff. Just not as a main story arc.

4 thoughts on “Day 14: deal-breakers

  1. My best friend wanted me to read Divergent, but then she laid out the disclaimer that one of the character’s names was Four. I still haven’t picked up this book because I just can’t get over that. I agree with the romance one too.

    • Well, he actually has a real name that isn’t four. But I wasn’t a fan of four either. But it does get explained in the book why his nickname is four. So I don’t know if that helps?

      For me it rarely ever stops me from reading a book, but it will make me roll my eyes a lot while reading :p

      • Exactly. I’m not sure that I can think of a name that I really hated at the moment, but I’m sure there is one somewhere out there in the books I’ve read. Do you have any more eye-roll names?

        • It’s strange but at the current moment I’m also having a hard time thinking of a name I really hated. Recently my frustrations have lied more often in the nicknames though.

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