Day 7 and 8 combined: Blogging Quirks, Likes and Dislikes

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine


A thing that I love about blogging is the planning that goes into it. I write out mini reviews after reading books so that I’ll remember what I wanted to say about the books. At times I will even write in my agenda on which day I’ll be reviewing which book. I can stick to this schedule. You would think that this means I’m a very organised blogger. Think again, these periods of planned-out blogging last for about a week or two and then its back into pandemonium for me. Until, of course, I have a relapse.

I’m always honest in whatever I say on this blog. I don’t have a reason not to be. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t think about what content should be on here and what shouldn’t be here. It’s not that I censor myself in thought, especially not considering my opinions. But it’s just that I might phrase it differently or just choose not to share certain things with the internet. Why is that? Because I don’t yet know how much of myself I want to share with my readers. I know there aren’t many dedicated readers of this blog out there, and that doesn’t bother me. But that doesn’t mean that I just want a lot of personal information of myself being available online. That being said I will add that I’ve been thinking about adding a couple of more personal entries. I have no clue what they would be about, just that they would probably be the rambly kind. But hey, it might be fun right? (Don’t hold me to this, it’s just an idea I’m considering).

When I’m getting ready to write my review it’ll be about 8 in the evening. This means I will have loads of time to finish writing this post that I have planned. But then I get sucked into a certain black hole which has an extremely strong pull on time (it’s called the internet, I’m sure you’ve heard of it before) and before I know it, 11o’ clock has come and gone and I still don’t have many words in my Live Writer Document. Time pressure will kick in and usually I get it done in time. Though sometimes I fail. I apologise for the times that I do.

I’m a sucker at updating things. On goodreads I’ve fallen behind on putting up all of my reviews and linking back to my blog. On here I fail at staying up to date with my yearly reading list. It’s just a thing which keeps happening to me. I have every intention to keep things updated until that one time where I just really want to go to sleep because I’m so tired and I forget to put the review on goodreads as well. And that just gets the ball rolling and it takes me about forever to make it stop and catch up again.



Funny reviews are the best. I enjoy the snarky kind, the extremely sarcastic ones and even the ones that are overflowing with GIFs of everyone’s favourite TV shows. They make me laugh, they keep me interested. it’s everything you could ever want. I would like to add that blogs that are being funny just for the sake of being funny (and when this comes into the way of being truthful about the books/writing) this does make me sad.

I fully realise that my reviews are not very short. But I enjoy short reviews myself. This is why I’m sometimes struggling with my own posts, because I don’t want to go on and on about things people already know/understand. Once a point is made, it’s made you know. Plus, if my feed is overflowing with long reviews I will just read things diagonally instead of fully.

Blogs that talk about books that I haven’t heard of or books that aren’t the talk of the town. This is such a good thing in my opinion! I love it when a blog is adding something to my knowledge of books. If there is a great book out there, I do get that everyone wants to read it. It does not mean however that I want to read 20 reviews about it in the same week. I definitely see the hyped up books popping up a lot and I always appreciate it when a blogger isn’t afraid to talk about other novels.

This is something that I do myself and it’s because I think it’s important. I like to have the book rating at the top of the review. This just gives me a quick judgement call. This way I can easily compare my own taste with the blogger’s if we’ve read the same books. It also allows me to see where the review will be going (hence allowing me to decide if I will read it completely).



When the blog or email says: read more with the link to the full review. Especially if there’s only about three and a half sentences in front of that. And super especially if that’ part is only the synopsis of the story. I’m just not a fan. At all. I usually never end up clicking the link.

I love a good interview with an author (I do them myself too) and blog tours are a lot of fun. But there is such a thing as overkill. I find that it’s important that these things don’t become the main reason for the blog to exist. My main purpose is to talk about the books that I’ve read. I’m not doing this to get a big following, I’m just trying to share the love (or hate in certain books). Blogs that have their focus shifted more towards competitions and crowd-pleasers are just not my cup of tea.

When a review is too long, I will probably skip over certain bits except if it really really seems good.

Certain blogs are swamped in memes. They do one daily and other than that they barely have content. I don’t mind a couple of fun memes, they can be a lot of fun. It can also get you into the know about certain books. It’s great. But it doesn’t have to be the only thing a blogger does right?

I follow quite a few blogs, most of them by email. You don’t want to know how many emails this gets me. I’m just swamped in emails from some great blogs. Sadly enough I really don’t feel like reading 70 emails in one day so I will skip a fair few of them. I always glance at them but there’s a good chance that if the book doesn’t catch my eye I won’t read the review. This doesn’t make me a bad person right?


2 thoughts on “Day 7 and 8 combined: Blogging Quirks, Likes and Dislikes

  1. Great answers!

    Review length is always a tough call. Personally, I like to read longer reviews (and think I generally write long-ish ones) because they cover more. It’s always a little disappointing to click on a review for a book I’ve wanted to read more about–and then only get two brief paragraphs that don’t help me decide whether to read the book at all.

    • This is exactly why I don’t write really short reviews, or don’t feel comfortable doing so. Because if it’s a book I’ve been wanting to check out (or have conflicting feelings about while reading it) I want to know more than just the main lines.

      But I do find that if I’m not super into wanting to know about that book, I will probably not read the entire review unless it’s hilarious or something…

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