Day 6: Book-shopping!

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

I love me my books and I can’t stop myself from buying any if I enter a bookshop. So the first rule of book-shopping for me is to not enter a store unless I know that I have some money to spend on my babies. So let’s say that I have some funds set aside for this glorious purpose I enter a store either thinking of buying certain books or not. And either way I’ll just let myself be seduced by all the pretty books present and buy more than I initially thought I would. And if I have a list of books that I wanted to buy, I’ll be happy if I bought one or two. (I just cannot stick to my booklists at all!)

But let’s talk about the other form of shopping in which I indulge: online shopping. Amazon is my best friend for this. I buy my paper books from the UK site because it has free delivery to Belgium if you buy books for over 25 pounds. So that means I never ever order books if I’m under that limit. Usually I get a book or five per time, but I’ve been know to splurge and get about ten at once. To choose which books will be bought I just add books either in one day or add a book to my basket every now and again until I reach my limit. My e-books have to be bought from the American Amazon though and I don’t plan these purchases most of the time. The dratted 1-click purchases are going to be the bane of my bank-account because it’s so easy and so fast that I just can’t resist it!

So that’s me, how about you? Can you stick to lists in a bookstore? Do you plan shopping trips?


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Book-shopping!

  1. The best shopping trips are spontaneous! (My bank account doesn’t think the same, though…) I keep a list of the books I want but I almost never stick to it. Once I’m in the bookstore I see so many books that I’d love to read that I forget the ones I was looking for and end up buying others completely different.

    • That’s exactly how it happens to me as well! It’s not that those books on my list suddenly become boring, but there you are, holding this gorgeous book that sounds so epic that you just can’t not buy it.

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