Day 4: The last book you threw across the room

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

I am going to change this post to: which book was so bad that you wanted to throw across the room (but you didn’t since you don’t throw books in any directions, let alone across the room)?

Lately I’ve been more disappointed than angry with the books that I’ve read. It’s been a while that i was actually angry at the book for being so bad! The book that I would have thrown across the room (if I were the book-throwing kind and if it hadn’t been an e-book) was “Elemental: the first” by Alexandra may. The synopsis was so good and there was just so much overall promise there. And it just didn’t deliver, in any way. Not at all. I got furious with the character, the plot, pretty much everything. And to think that I was really amped about reading that book just made it worse.


The books I’ve been disappointed with lately are more plentiful and include:

I won’t get into why they disappointed me seeing as I linked all of them to their reviews (which ooze disappointment all over the webpage).

Are you the book-throwing kind? If so, what have you flung to the floor lately? And if you’re not, what are the books that almost made you forget that you don’t throw your books around?


2 thoughts on “Day 4: The last book you threw across the room

  1. I loved Audrey Niffeneger’s “The Time Traveller’s Wife” so much that I decided to read another one of her books: “Her Fearful Symetry”. It was so terrible: it doesn’t only deserve to be thrown at a wall but also in a trashcan!

    • Good thing I only have the time traveller’s wife on my to read pile then! I hate it when that’s the case though because you’re just so psyched to read another great book and it fails you

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