Day 1: Make 15 book related confessions

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

  1. It took me a really long time before I could actively stop reading a book. Usually I would just start reading a new book with the intention of picking the previous book back up later, and then never getting around to it. But now I can finally just admit to myself that I don’t like a book and don’t want to read it anymore. In a way it’s very liberating, but on the other hand I still feel sort of bad that I haven’t finished certain books (because you know, it might have gotten better towards the end, right?)
  2. I am an extremely inconsistent rater of books. My ratings can even differ between the time when I finish reading a book and writing the review. And Across the line my ratings aren’t very solid either. I don’t think I can put all my 4 star books on a line and still be happy with their rating compared to each others. So I just don’t do that.
  3. Though I know that this isn’t all that’s important in a book, I fawn over pretty tittles and covers. If a cover truly doesn’t attract my attention I probably won’t even read the synopsis unless someone tells me it’s the most epic book ever written. I know I’m a horrible person for this.
  4. Ever since I joined Netgalley and get books for free in order to review them I have this nagging feeling in my gut to read more than I actually want at times. This is something I never had before then. If I didn’t feel like reading, I just wouldn’t do it. Now there are times when I make myself read.
  5. I get very sucked into genres. And I can’t stop reading them until I’m tired of them. It’s only then that I can step over to the next one. But I’m working on this, because growing tired of certain genres is never a good thing in my opinion.
  6. Shopping is not for me, I’m not a fan. Unless it’s for books. I can spend hours in a bookstore and spend so much money in one go. This causes me to avoid bookstores when I know I don’t have any money to spare for books.
  7. A tiny part of myself is a bit of a booksnob. The bigger part of myself doesn’t like being a snob about books and tells me to get over it. It’s working fairly well, but at times it will rear it’s ugly head.
  8. I have a To Be Read list and I can’t stick to it. The only time I can stick to it is if I’m part of a blog tour and I need to review the book soon. Then I will read it.
  9. This goes with number 8: I’m an emotional bookpicker. I just base my decision on what I feel like reading in the very moment when I’m picking up a book. This clearly interferes with me being able to read what I said I was going to read.
  10. My room is filled with books and I keep adding to the piles of books that I haven’t read yet. I will get around to that someday, but number 8 on this list makes it hard. Also, I keep buying/receiving new books that I also really want to read.
  11. I don’t really like book hypes. Sometimes they are worth it, but sometimes they are not. And the times when it just isn’t true just trumps the times when it is true for me. Add to that the fact that seeing the same book suddenly filling every blog/booktube video isn’t as interesting as seeing a variety of different books reviewed/talked about.
  12. E-books are very easy and I’m very happy with my e-reader. But I hate that I don’t have these books standing on my shelf.
  13. My bookshelves are in no way organised. I don’t organise by author, title, colour, etc. I don’t know why I don’t do this, in a way I just can’t be bothered I guess. But I do know where to look for the book I’m searching for. Perhaps I will finally get organised once a get a bookcase covered wall. But for now it’s just a couple of shelves stacked three deep. It would just be pretty pointless to organise it I guess.
  14. I don’t like other people reading my books. And if you dare bring me my book back in a lesser state than in which I gave it to you, I really reconsider our friendship. But because this is very harsh, I just don’t give out my books anymore so I don’t have to take drastic measures anymore.
  15. Writing in books is not done for me. Dog-earing is so horrible it should be punishable by law. I don’t do either (obviously), not even in school books. The only thing I might do is highlight something in school books. Other than that, the book is holy to me and no harm will come to it unless I can’t help it.


I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 2!


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