Review: The Necromancer’s Apprentice – R.M. Prioleau

The Necromancer's Apprentice (Paperback Edition)

The Necromancer’s Apprentice

R.M. Prioleau

My rating:

2 star book

Goodreads summary:

Jasmine Na’Darod lived a simple life with her parents and older sister on the family’s farm. She never strayed far from home until the
ill-fated Blood Moon arose, basking the country of Caristan with a terrible, sickening drought.

When her mother falls ill, Jasmine and her family are forced to leave home in desperate search of a cure. During their journey, a series of tragic events will change Jasmine’s life forever.

With her former life shrouded and forgotten, Jasmine embraces a new path granted by an unlikely stranger, who, ironically, practices the Art of death and undeath.

As Jasmine is drawn to this enigma of a man, she soon realizes there is more to him than what she initially perceived — his true motives are beyond anything she could ever imagine…

Deeply compelling and morbidly intriguing, The Necromancer’s Apprentice is a beautifully-narrated gothic fantasy with memorable characters.

The cover and the synopsis had me really intrigued for the story. Then followed the beautiful and lengthy descriptions at the start of the book and I was hooked. Only to be let down shortly afterwards. Suddenly the beautiful descriptions ended and we were headed into rushed writing without much detail. Though at times it didn’t bother me all that much, most of the time it did. It completely failed to engage my my interest for a huge chunk of the book.

To me it felt like this book was a rough draft more than a finished book. As mentioned above the start was very rich in detail and I really loved that, but that sort of writing only occurred seldomly throughout the book. The largest part of this book was very vague and skipped over many things that could have been very interesting. It spoke of experiments but never gave us more information than that. It said that they grew close, but we never got to be there when it happened. I know this book was a novella but it would have done better to be a full size book with as much description as there was at the start. There is a big chunk of the story left untold, there’s no history of this foreign land or anything!

Characterdevelopment was clearly not a thing to be witnessed in this book. We got told of certain developments, but we never got to see them or even got close to knowing how this happened. This was just such a good concept for a book but it was just executed in a way that left me disconnected with anything and everything in the book. Jasmine was at first pretty unfeeling and barely expressed any emotions. After a while this changed according to the narrative but I still didn’t see much difference. Just mentioning that she is now a lot more emotional does not make it so without proof.

I don’t understand why this story was tried to be told in only some hundred pages. For me it could have been a book of over 300 pages if it was just written in the style of the first few pages. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this book felt more like a rough draft than a completed work. There were some scenes that were nicely laid out and well written. But the other parts of the book felt more like a writer filling up the place in between these finished scenes. It’s as if these f”filler”-parts were still meant to be written out in full but the author just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. And we rarely get any answers to why anything as well! There is a blood red moon hanging in the sky and other than the “it’s because of me” we don’t get an explanation. I’m sorry but I wanted more! I was looking forward to finding out why and how of things.

So in short I was disappointed in this book because there was just so much potential in this book and it just didn’t end up being what it could have been. It’s like a diamond in the rough that has been presented to us without being polished. You can see the value but it’s not what you wanted from it. At least that’s how this felt to me.

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