15 Minutes of Fame – Ashley Formby

15 Minutes of Fame

15 Minutes of Fame

Ashley Formby
Smith Publicity — 52 Novels
Pub Date: Feb 14 2013
My rating:
3 star book

Last night, Max heard the chopper. It’s back and it’s coming for him. Will he find love and fortune before it’s too late?

In this and 14 other short stories and poems, romance and intrigue, tragedy and comedy play out on the fateful stage of life.


This is a book that tore me in two. On the one side I really wanted to love it, because I like poetry and short stories. And I did love some parts of this book. On the other hand I was a bit disappointed at times. I had a very hard time rating this book, especially since it was so short and gave me so little to base this review on and to adjust my vision of the writing. This work was only 36 pages long, so it had very limited space to woo the reader.

I’ll start off with discussing the things that I did like about this book. I loved some of the shorter poems. It’s clear that Ashley Formby has a way with words, some of these poems really touched me. And even in the short stories, some of which I wasn’t a fan of, there were always a couple of sentences that I found beautiful. So that was definitely a positive point of this book. In a way I also liked that this was a very short book. It didn’t take long at all to read this and that made it more easy to “digest” the 15 poems and short stories.

The length also has another side to it, as mentioned above. It didn’t give me a lot of time to form my opinion of this work. And worse, it was perhaps a bit too short to leave a full impression. Or perhaps this was due to the short stories, most of which didn’t stick with me all that much. I can’t say I was a great fan of most of the short stories, though I did like the short story mentioned in the synopsis. Most of the time these short stories left me wandering what I had just read. Often I hadn’t a clue what it was all about or what the underlying message was. Though this confusion sometimes worked for the story, it didn’t at all times.

In short this book just left me wanting more, to “redeem itself” in my eyes. I wanted very badly to like this but was disappointed by the confusing short stories.

The synopsis was taken from Goodreads.

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