Discussion: the reading slump funk

Yes, I’m currently in a bit of a reading slump funk (this term was coined by The readables). Though it might sound strange to those people who know how many books I am currently reading, it is true. For those who don’t know what I’m reading at the moment:

So how can it be that I am in a reading slump funk when I am actively reading these three books (never mind the other three books standing on my currently reading shelf, they’ve been gathering dust for a while now). The reason that I am actually reading these three books, and have finished another book in between these books is exactly because I am in my reading slump funk.

Strange you say? Well, I can see how you would think that. But when I’m in this funk, I cannot for the life of me get invested in a book. I will start one and not be drawn into the story, so I will try reading another book instead. And this cycle just keeps on going. I will pick up book after book after book, until I finally find a book that sparks a big interest in me. One of those books that I will stay up for even though it’s already past two in the morning. And right now I just haven’t found that book that rocks my world just yet.

Have any of you guys ever been in this situation? Am I alone in this type of reading slump funk? How do you deal with this and make it go away?

3 thoughts on “Discussion: the reading slump funk

  1. Love that term! When I get the reading blues, I turn back to an old favourite for a reread. Or if that doesn’t work, try a new genre, something totally different to add some spice :). Both have helped me in the past.

    • I can’t take credit for the term, but I too really love it because it totally sums up how I feel!

      and thanks for the tips! I am trying to read something a bit different right now, and if this doesn’t work I will try re-reading something I absolutely loved :)

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