Makeover Miracle – Charmaine Ross

Makeover Miracle

Makeover Miracle

Charmaine Ross
Harlequin Enterprises Australia
Pub Date: Mar 1 2013







My rating:
3 star book

Abbey Miller and her friend Jennifer have been picked from a live audience to take part in reality television show Makeover Miracle. This is Abbey’s worst nightmare, bringing back painful memories of being teased, bullied and the brunt of cruel jokes. The last thing Abbey wants is her soul to be laid bare for all Australians to see, but being the true friend she is,she agrees to help Jennifer, who desperately wants to change her life.

Quinn Campbell, the producer of Makeover Miracle can see Abbey crumbling live on stage,and after she vomits into a waste paper basket, goes to her aid, not expecting to see such a sad, haunted look in her eyes. There’s something about Abbey that reaches out to him. The look in her eyes brings back long‐buried memories of his sister and his failure to help her.

This is a story about one woman’s journey through emotional turmoil and the man who is able to make her believe in herself. Set against the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Makeover Miracle is a story about forgiveness, understanding, personal growth and, of course, falling in love with that one special person.


To me this book was ok. It wasn’t great nor was it bad. It just fits right in with the feel good romance novels, of which I have a plenitude left to review. But to be honest, it’s time for me to start reading different genres now, because all these books start to feel the same. I have the feeling as if I could distil a general plotline for all these books without having read them. And that’s just not a nice place to be at.


So, onto the book itself. The concept was good, the morals behind the story as well. It does contain all those things that it says in the last part of the synopsis, but to me it felt a bit run of the mill. Plus, I think I would have liked the book a tad better if Abbey wasn’t the skinnier one in the group. I think the morals would have stood a bit stronger if she wasn’t the one who weighed in the lowest, nor had the best grip on how to lose weight and all that. The story could have been more interesting if there was just more struggle in it.


The characters were okay, but it was slightly disappointing that we focused so much on Abbey and Quinn. I understand that this is a romance between two people and therefore it is normal for them to be in the limelight. I just think that it would have felt like a more well-rounded story if the other characters were included more, instead of just being silhouettes in the background. They all seemed like they had a story and I for one would have been happy to read it.


All in all this book was not bad at all, I just want a little more from my romance books these days. Hence the short romance hiatus I’m implementing for myself. This way I will (hopefully) be more enthusiastic about romance books once more. It’s just my bad that I read so many in such a short period of time.


This synopsis was taken from Goodreads

4 thoughts on “Makeover Miracle – Charmaine Ross

  1. I read this book and had exactly the same feelings. It is like there is a formula for writing these books and they all feel the same. A bit of humour would have helped a lot.

    • I know right, they just all have that same vibe to them!

      Don’t get me wrong, I really like me some romance books, but I really am going to have to work at spreading them out better!

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