Unenchanted: an unfortunate fairytale–Chanda Hahn

UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale, #1)

Unenchanted: an unfortunate fairytale

Chanda Hahn

Chanda Hahn
Pub Date: Dec 30 2011






My rating:
4 star book

Mina is just a clumsy girl who’s pretty used to moving around with her mother and brother. But one day she saves her crushes life and her whole life rapidly changes. Mina’s mother finally reveals the family secret, Mina’s last name is not Grime, but Grimm, as in the Brothers Grimm. And with that name comes a legacy and an overwhelming challenge. The descendants of the Grimm family have to beat all the stories the original brothers wrote. So how is our clumsy girl going to handle this new chapter in her life?


I cannot stay away from anything fairytale related, and in this case I was so pleased about that trait of mine! I was just blown away by this book. I really loved the whole back story about the Grimm brothers and the way it integrates itself into modern life. The characters were a lot of fun and they stayed true to themselves the whole way through. It was also just very fun to read this book and I finished it pretty quickly.


The whole plot definitely felt new to, it was unlike things I have read before. It wasn’t a real fairy tale retelling, but on the other hand there were fairytales integrated into this book. As I’m such a fan of fairytales that side appealed to me a whole lot. But that wasn’t the only good thing about the story. It was just an interesting story and it was clear that a lot of thought has gone into this world and Grimm curse.


If one thing can be said about these characters it’s that they were very normal people. They didn’t make stupid decisions just to get the plot moving (because don’t we all hate it when that happens?). I love normal people in stories, it’s so great to see how they rise to the challenge that has been forced upon them. And these people actually stayed normal the whole way through, Mina didn’t suddenly unearth unknown fighting skills or magic abilities she never knew she had. That’s something I can really appreciate in a book and it makes me feel much more connected to everyone in the story as well.


Writing-wise this book was slightly lacking, especially in the grammar department. Nonetheless it was an easy read with a very fluid pace. It was a joy to read once you got over the lack of editing on the grammar front. The conversations seemed real and they had that modern teenager feel to them, which always makes me happy. No one wants to read conversations that are supposed to be young and authentic but just sound forced and out-dated. And can I just say that I loved the ending of this book?! It was everything I could have asked for yet I hadn’t seen it coming.


If this book is something you might enjoy, you’re in luck! You can get the kindle-edition free on amazon at the moment, so check it out!

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